Best Travel bags with hidden compartments 2021 Ultimate Guide

Best Travel bags with hidden compartments 2021 Ultimate Guide
NOMATIC Black Water Resistant Travel Bag
NOMATIC Black Water Resistant Travel Bag
  • Sold By: Nomatic
  • Weight: 4.00 lbs
  • Dimensions: 21 x 14.1 x 7.5 inches
  • Style: Laptop
Tigernu Business Travel Laptop Backpack
Tigernu Business Travel Laptop Backpack
  • Sold By: uoobag
  • Weight: 2.1 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.99 x 6.69 x 19.29 inches
  • Style: Laptop
Everki EKP Travel Friendly Backpack
Everki EKP Travel Friendly Backpack
  • Sold By: Amazon
  • Weight: 4.01 lbs
  • Dimensions: 13.4 x 9.1 x 18.9 inches
  • Style: Laptop

If you are a travel lover or fond of traveling, you must have a backpack according to your requirements. What is the better way to have travel bags with hidden compartments?

So that you can keep your valuables and necessities in complete safety. you need a reliable and durable bag for your trip. A bag with a lot of capacity, sturdy, and featherweight is your first selection.

The Backpack with hidden pockets is preferred for you and your appliances and electronic devices. The necessities are protected from theft in this manner, and you will enjoy your holiday without worries and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

You know safety is our prime concern when traveling, and have a safe and secure rucksack is our priority. So for a safe and sound trip, you should have travel bags with hidden compartments.

What is Travel Bags with Hidden Compartments?

If you think that what is a backpack with secret compartments and you don’t have any idea about this bag, you are marveling at what exactly it is? 

A bag with a secret compartment is a safety recommendation. It is specifically designed with safety principles in mind to protect you from theft and robbery.

Editor’s Pick: Top Choices Travel Bags

  • Everki EKP 121-1 Travel-Friendly Backpack: The Everki EKP121-1 Atlas Travel-Friendly Laptop Backpack Adaptable Compartment is well constructed, with that in mind for security reasons. It is tremendously suitable for all things containing a big-sized laptop.
  • NOMATIC Travel Pack: One of the marvelous bags with functional characteristics is the NOMATIC travel bag. NOMATIC pack built with an eye-catching design gives you belief in yourself to move worldwide.
  • Tigernu Business Laptop Backpack: The Tigernu Business Laptop Backpack is a multipurpose backpack with a hidden back pocket. It is environmentally waterproof, anti-theft gear used for both men and women, in easy wording called unisex.

Buyer’s Guide about Travel Bags with Hidden Compartments

Whenever you go to a market to buy a backpack for your traveling need, you want an anti-theft bag, comfortable and easy to carry. Here, We mentioned the characteristics of travel bags with hidden compartments below:

Large capacity

The first thing which you preferred in a bag is a large capacity. The capacity in a good quality bag is matters a great deal. Backpack packing is means a lot for a traveler. 

Firstly, you plan for how many days you go out for a trip, and then you should start your packing with a bag for more space or capacity. A bag with more capacity can comfort your traveling deeds. 

You pack your all needed items in a single ergonomic backpack that you can carry without effort and fit your torso and comfortable with your back. 

If a bag has more size and space in it, you can carry all items like clothes, shoes, accessories, electronics, food items, etc.

Environmentally Waterproof

The second important thing in a reliable backpack is an environmental waterproof bag. Today it’s very imperative we will get a bag with an environmentally waterproof bag. 

Nowadays, the bags are made with different materials and fabric, so we find a bag that can tolerate all the environmental changes and must be a waterproof backpack. 

Traveling lovers travel around countries, cities, mountains, and deserts, so they must have a bag with ECO friendly who bear all weather conditions. With these qualities, you can secure your things for all affecting factors.


The third and foremost factor in gear is anti-theft. The anti-theft attribute includes lockable compartments, closable zippers and straps, and slash-proof fabric. 

With slash-proof fabric, the thief cannot cut or tear your bag with a knife or sword. Even with the slash-proof material, the bag is comparatively lightweight. Although these qualities, you can avoid pocket cutters. 

The anti-theft bags have managerial compartments and separate pockets for pens, mobile phones, credit cards, and petty cash.

When you go out for dining, you can lock your bag with a chain to your chair and sofa during traveling. Such, you can survive from pocket pickers.

Avoid Unintended Harm

The fourth and most essential factor is to avoid unintended harm. When anyone goes on a trip, so must have a hidden compartment backpack. A bag with secret compartments is beneficial for a traveler.

You can put your essential items in hidden pockets. These pockets are secure your valuable things to prevent any disaster. The hidden pockets are a superb idea to avoid unintended harm and accident.

The Backpack with a hidden compartment comes with extra padded straps and sleeves to fulfill your needs and guard the gear from harm. However, you want a bag not only for the organization but also for protection.

Travel Friendly

The fifth last but not least factor in the bag is travel friendly. Because when you go out traveling with your favorite and more reliable rucksack, you want a travel-friendly quality in it that you can travel with ease and protect your things from damage.

When you have a bag with both factors, like travel-friendly and hidden compartments, it is one of the best choices for you. 

The travel-friendly bag comes with comfortable straps, secret pockets, lockable zippers, fit-in torso, and lightweight. So you can carry the bag with total ease.

Quick Reviews on Travel Bags with Hidden Compartments

The travel bags with hidden compartments, for their specialty, his demand has grown significantly. So we review these bags with the pros and cons below:

Everki EKP 121-1 Atlas Travel Friendly Laptop BackpackEverki EKP 121-1 Atlas Travel Friendly Laptop Backpack
  • Dimensions: 13.4 x 9.1 x 18.9 inches
  • Weight: 4.01 lbs
  • Material: Nylon, Polyester
  • Capacity: 32 L
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NOMATIC Travel Pack Flight Approved BackpackNOMATIC Travel Pack Flight Approved Backpack
  • Dimensions: 21 x 14.1 x 7.5 inches
  • Weight: 4.00 lbs
  • Material: slick
  • Capacity: 30 L
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Tigernu Slim Anti Theft Travel BackpacksTigernu Slim Anti Theft Travel Backpacks
  • Dimensions: 12.99 x 6.69 x 19.29 inches
  • Weight: 2.1 pounds
  • Material: Tear-proof Durable Nylon Fabric
  • Capacity: N/A
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KORIN Design FlexPack Pro -Flexibility Smart Travel backpacksKORIN Design FlexPack Pro -Flexibility Smart Travel backpacks
  • Dimensions: 18.1 x 14 x 6.75 inches
  • Weight: 3.64 Pounds
  • Material: N/A
  • Capacity: 17.3L
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Inateck Professional Carry on Travel BackpackInateck Professional Carry on Travel Backpack
  • Dimensions: 12.99 x 8.6 x 20.47 inches
  • Weight: 3.53 lbs
  • Material: N/A
  • Capacity: 44 L
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MARK RYDEN Travel Work Flight Fits BackpackMARK RYDEN Travel Work Flight Fits Backpack
  • Dimensions: 19.6 x 13.3 x 2.7 inches
  • Weight: 2.43 lbs
  • Material: PU material
  • Capacity: 44 L
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SHIELDON Adjustable Travel BackpackSHIELDON Adjustable Travel Backpack
  • Dimensions: 18.9 x 12.2 x 5.9 inchs
  • Weight: 3.44 pounds
  • Material: Oxford
  • Capacity: 38 L
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Everki EKP 121-1 Atlas Travel Friendly Laptop Backpack Adaptable Compartment


The EVERKI Atlas Travel-Friendly Laptop Backpack is held the first position in the race of Backpack with rear hidden pocket. The Everki bag is specially designed for travel, and it’s a very travel-friendly bag.

It has many big pockets for laptops and all accessories to organized items. It is comfortable to hold the buckles and straps. The compartments and slots allow things easy entry. For a great laptop, there’s a large, spacious compartment.

The EVERKI bag is also an ergonomic backpack. It is designed with balance straps to allocate the heavyweight for both shoulders. The two straps are on the shoulders, and the other strap is across the chest so that you can efficiently apportion the weight.

The protection is earlier in order. Your computer is priceless, so the bag is added multiple layers of padded protection that secure your device or laptop from any damage or harm. 

The bag has sizeable lockable metal sippers that protect your all essential item from theft. Its also waterproof and weather-resistant gear.

  • An outlet for Media Player
  • Oversized zippers and pulls of metal
  • High-contrast linen
  • Pouch for accessories
  • Security straps
  • Padded protection
  • Ergonomically formulated
  • Travel-friendly
  • Ultra-soft laptop compartments
  • Comfortable carrying
  • Arrived with a little loose thread

NOMATIC Travel Pack Water Resistant Anti-Theft 30L Flight Approved Bag

NOMATIC Travel Pack- Black Water Resistant Anti-Theft 30L Flight Approved Carry on Laptop Bag Computer Backpack

After Everki’s Backpack, the second position is the Nomatic travel pack. The bag is waterproof quality and durable zippers. It looks versatile with a strap system to carry more luggage when needed. It can expand more this bag.

It also has a quality bottle holder backpack, along with a magnetic water bottle compartment. 

It also has safe storage and secret compartments with 20+ more features that prove this pack more useful ever! This bag gives you more assurance to move in life ahead.
This bag has excellent features, so we assure you mention one more beneficial aspect: it’s also a gym bag with a shoe compartment. It also has a detachable hard shell to protect the sunglasses.

  • Pockets of Magnetic Waterbottle
  • Hard Shell Sunglass
  • Sleeve Roller Bag
  • By Cord Pass
  • Expansion of Complete Perimeter
  • Clamshell Opening Easy to Pack
  • Water-resistant pocket
  • Shoe compartment
  • RFID safe pocket
  • Full perimeter zipper
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • It doesn’t have side loops

Tigernu Business Laptop Slim Anti Theft Travel Backpack

On the third position is taken Tigernu Business Laptop Backpack. This bag is slim-fit anti-theft travel gear. It looks more stylish, decent, elegant, and versatile and is made according to the human body shape with the ergonomic Backpack to fit the torso more comfortably.

It is made with tear-proof and anti-scratch durable nylon material. It is a multifunctional bag with many internal and external pockets. It is easily cleaned without leaving any stains behind.

It also has a backpack with hidden compartments for the laptop, so you can easily access your laptop without showing your private component to the community. 

As you know that this bag is with a hidden compartment, so indeed, it is an anti-steal property that can safely and secure your personal and essential items from theft. The zipper is locked to the D-shape loop to ensure the laptop confidentially.

  • Comfortable back support
  • Anti-theft
  • Humanized Innovation
  • Separate laptop pocket
  • Lockable compartments
  • Sunglasses Snap Buckle
  • Versatile
  • Multiple functioning
  • Slimmer and organized
  • Adjustable chest buckle
  • Tear resistance
  • Anti-scratch
  • Clean in 5min
  • This bag is not such a water-resistant bag for heavy rain

KORIN Design FlexPack Pro -Flexibility Smart Travel Backpack

The fourth position hold at KORIN Design FlexPack Pro -Flexibility Smart Backpack. This pack is in a dark gray attractive color that looks versatile and suits its users’ personality, and you can carry it for both daily routine uses and officially. 

The korin bag is the latest product and innovation in backpacks. It is designed with ample storage and capacity moreover flexibility. The Flexpack-pro is an anti-theft bag with triple anti-theft security to prevent snatchers. 

There is also a retractable steel wire lock that locks the valued items to protect them. An easy output charging indicator allows you to charge your electronics with ease.

Flexpack pro also available side pockets and padding storage for keep shoes, clothes, necessary items, personal things, and an umbrella, and it’s also an appropriate approach to items.

Available open storage space can easily store 15.6 laptops and a 10-inch iPad. This bag is a mixture of beauty and comfort.

  • Closure zippers
  • Multifunctional
  • Flexible
  • Triple Anti-theft protection
  • Waterproof
  • Stylish
  • Convenient storage
  • Insulation pouch
  • Magnetic chest strap
  • Retractable
  • Metal wire lock
  • USB charging port
  • Exposed combination lock
  • Hidden combination lock
  • It’s not easily cut, but it is not slashed proof

Inateck Professional Carry on Travel Backpack Fit 17.3 inch Laptop

Inateck Professional Carry on Travel Backpack hits number fifth. The super capacity and multiple pockets increase the value of this Backpack.

 The mesh layer main compartment and multiple pockets in a concealed carry sling bag help to organize and store clothes, shoes, toilet items like shampoo, soap, face washes, etc. keep in order.

 Backpack with hidden pockets in-flight friendly with security scanning flip open laptop compartments, so you don’t need to take out your devices during flight. It makes the security checker faster. 

It is suitable for flights and is readily carried into the plane. The 3D breathable material with the back panel and shoulder straps makes your back breathe freely. The removable chest and waist strap shared the burden of the shoulder pressure. 

You can keep your ID card, passport, cell phone, ATM cards, and all essential items to prevent theft in the back zippers. It also includes a rain cover for rainy weather. 

  • High-quality zippers
  • Hidden zipper compartments
  • Compression straps
  • A small pocket in the strap
  • D buckle for sunglasses
  • Large capacity
  • Double zippered
  • Back Comfort
  • Anti-theft design
  • Flight friendly
  • Removable chest and waist strap
  • 3D breathable straps
  • Faster security check
  • It’s not much rigid as a suitcase

MARK RYDEN Waterproof Travel laptop Backpack

MARK RYDEN Waterproof laptop Backpack turns to the number sixth. The mark Ryden bag is ideal for school, office, flights, and travel. This bag is made of polyester fabric that is good for high-quality water resistance and keeps your belongings protected from rainy weather.

 The dirt patch washed quickly with a wet towel. The bag’s excellent stitching makes it more durable and robust.

The beautiful and stylish bag has more features to attract its buyers. When you carry the bag at any place, and your mobile’s battery is about to die, you can charge it with an external USB port facility in the bag. 

With an emergency whistle addition, you can save yourself from any danger, the disaster of outdoor camping. There is also a practical keychain inside the bag.

The padded air cushion and back panel shoulder straps reduced the pressure weight of luggage and divided the weight pressure between shoulders and back. The bag is also converted into a handbag.

It is Very robust, perfect materials for feeling, Outstanding design, and construction, and looks great! Both the zippers are substantial and of outstanding quality, and the cloth around the zips looks super sturdy.

For a short business trip, the 17 inches laptop fits in the laptop compartment, and other things like cellular phones, clothes, water bottles, and business files also keep in the bag.

  • Water resistance
  • Durable
  • Strong
  • Excellent sewing
  • Emergency whistle
  • External USB port
  • Practical keychain
  • Padded air cushions
  • Adjustable waist straps
  • Two size options
  • Hold 17-inch laptop
  • Separate space for storing PC
  • The water bottle pocket is small for holding a regular size bottle

SHIELDON Adjustable 23L-38L Expandable Travel Backpack

SHIELDON 17-inch Laptop Backpack, Adjustable 23L-38L Expandable Travel Backpack with Anti-Theft Pocket Water Repellent Durable Carry-on Multipurpose Bag

Finally, SHIELDON’s 17-inch Laptop Backpack is in the seventh position. The best factor in this bag is extending the zippers and buckles as stated by your need. 

There is a facility of two handles on top and one side to switch your gear between rucksack and suitcase. It can lift it vertically or horizontally. It provides you an experience to carry the bag with a belt on the back with the luggage slide tube.

 A bag with secret compartments has a front pocket for tiny things. Its main compartment has three layers, and the top layer is for routine necessities. The other separate pocket is for laundry items and wet umbrellas. 

The sizeable roomy compartment is more significant enough to keep clothing for some days. The laptop padded pocket can hold up to a 17″ laptop and tablet. This ergonomic Backpack has soft ventilated multipanel straps for shoulders’ support and comfort.

Heavy padded anti-slip chest belt and quick-release buckle reduce the weight from shoulders. Anti-theft quality safe your expensive things from pocket pickers during travel or queue.

  • Durable
  • Multi-purpose
  • Airflow back design
  • Multipanel padding
  • Adjustable anti-slip chest belt
  • 3side zipper pockets
  • Premium material
  • Wear resistance
  • Anti-scratch
  • Easy to clean
  • 3layer storage compartments
  • Padded laptop pocket
  • Carried vertically and horizontally
  • Expandable design
  • Switch into Backpack and suitcase
  • No folded backstraps
  • No inner frame

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What are the best travel bags?

The best travel bags are:

1. EVERKI Business Travel Friendly Laptop Backpack
2. NOMATIC Travel Pack
3. Tigernu Business Laptop Backpack
4. KORIN Design FlexPack Pro -Flexibility Smart Backpack 
5. Inateck Professional Carry on Travel Backpack
6. MARK RYDEN Waterproof laptop Backpack
7. SHIELDON 17-inch Laptop Backpack

Which is better for travel hard or soft luggage?

For travel, the hard luggage is more beneficial for precious items because it is made from polycarbonate, a softer material that is flexible and bears when you throw it on a hard surface. Compared to hard luggage, soft luggage is less beneficial because the fabric can tear and cracks than a hard shell.

Where is the best place to buy luggage?

Amazon, Rei, Walmart, etc., is the best place to buy luggage.


The choice of travel bags is yours because many bags are introduced today in the market. It is very tough to decide which bag is best for you. The travel bags with hidden compartments are the best choice for you.

A lot of factors make this bag precious. It is used for your outdoor trips, business trips, and daily routine. The secret pockets in the bag to prevent you from theft. Usually, travel bags have the extraordinary capacity to hold all your possessions.

It can also hold your electronics, shoe, laundry, and all small items. In these bags, a wine purse with spout is for you. Read this article and trying to buy these best-ever travel bags with hidden compartments.

Do safe travel!

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