How to Wear a Backpack Properly? with Life Saving Tips


Two decades ago, we could only imagine that only a kid was going to school or might be coming back from it, wearing a backpack on their shoulder,  and seamlessly looking cool. But nowadays, it is an old school of thought. In the 21st century, every individual can carry a backpack. These days it has … Read more

5 Important Tips On Can a Backpack be Checked Luggage

Can a Backpack be Checked Luggage

For some of the people packing for a flight is a real struggle because you need to be careful about the arrangement of your items and accessories you will take along. It is extremely important to know whether a backpack can be checked luggage or not. A backpack is no doubt an ideal luggage piece … Read more

10 Best Backpacks For College Commuters of 2021 With updated Guide

Best Backpacks For College Commuters

As a college student, I remember running all day long to attend my classes and rushing on Subway in the morning to catch my first class. I missed those beautiful days!! Well, to have a pleasant commute every morning, you must have a good backpack— you need something good to stash your laptop, notebooks, textbooks, … Read more

10 Best Hiking Backpack Under 100 Dollar in 2021 Ultimate Review

Best Budget Hiking Backpack

Do you also love sitting around the campfire in the chilly night and roasting BBQ ribs under the moonlight shadow or rooming all day through the lush forest, climbing on mountains, or enjoying with friends near beautiful floating rivers? This is the life, everyone dreams about!! If this is what you most often picture, then … Read more