Oakley Overdrive Backpack Review – Best Backpack for Travel Time

Oakley Overdrive Backpack Review – Best Backpack for Travel Time

Oakley Overdrive Backpack Review

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So this was the end of the guide about how this Oakley Backpack cheap is excellent for you to use it for your travel time and long trips. It is brilliantly designed in its high versatility and comfortable nature with enough space to store all your important accessories together. It is jet black in color which is another attractive thing about this Oakley carry-on bag or backpack.


No matter whether you are choosing it for the overnight trip or for traveling purposes, having a good quality of the backpack available by your side plays an important role. If you have a backpack which can be used for different purposes or travel time all at once, then it will be a complete life savior for you.

If you think that such a backpack does not exist then you are completely wrong with this fact! We have a perfect example of the Oakley Overdrive Backpack review right here!

This Oakley Overdrive Backpack is yet known to be your excellent companion over routine trips or can also be used for ordinary spontaneous trips as well. 

Now you might be thinking about why you should be choosing this backpack! Let’s clear your mind out by presenting your major features, pros, cons, and specifications of this awesome backpack!

Oakley Overdrive Backpack Review

Oakley Overdrive Backpack Review


Durable, extra versatile & flexible

Padded straps & back

Mesh back for the ventilation

Extra Spacious

Multiple pockets



Oakley was founded in 1975 to be one of the top most leading and famous companies of lifestyle equipment. This company has been known for manufacturing sports items as well. Hence this brand is known in the market for delivering superior services of the accessories and equipment production in high-quality.

As we talk about Oakley Overdrive Backpack, it is one such backpack which is spacious and at the same time, it is sturdy as well. It is best designed for men’s use which you can utilize for different occasions. Through the use of this backpack, you will be able to store a maximum of your essential items and accessories in a safe manner. Unlike the drawstring bags or the messenger bags, you will encounter this Oakley camping Backpack to be extremely comfortable in use.

Oakley Overdrive Backpack Specifications

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  • Material: Polyester
  • Type: Day Pack, Camping Backpacks
  • Size: 19 x 16.5 x 10 inches
  • Waist-Belt: No Waist-Belt
  • Hydration Compatible: Non-Hydration Compatible
  • Rain Cover: No Rain Cover
  • Access Types: Zipper
  • External Pockets: Front pocket, side pockets
  • Insulated: Non-Insulated
  • Waterproof: Non-Waterproof
  • Snowboard Carry: Non-Snowboard Carry
  • Ski Carry: Non-Ski Carry
  • Gear Loops: Gear Loops
  • Shovel Pocket:  No Shovel Pocket
  • Recommended Use: Hiking, Camping, Daily Use
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year

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What is the main purpose of this Backpack?

If you are one such person who is fond of carrying so many things on a trip, but at the same time you like to keep the travel light, then choosing this backpack is the best option for you. This Oakley Carry-on backpack does have the capacity in which it can easily accommodate the accessories of the laptop, your charge, headphones, neck pillow, papers, work files, mouse, and your books.

Even if in case you are traveling on an overnight trip, still you are left with a long list of the items and accessories which you should hold in your backpack. Sometimes carrying one regular bag with 2 duffel bags can be a big hassle for you. But the use of the Oakley travel Backpack will make your whole task so much effortless and convenient.

Here we would like to mention that this backpack is having a maximum limit of 32 liters. This backpack is best for you if your accessories limit range is within 32 liters. But if you are exceeding the limit of 32 liters, then this backpack is not for you. Exceeding the limit of spacing can make your whole trip uncomfortable and uneasy which can also damage your bag as well.

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What is Included in Oakley Overdrive Backpack?

Besides being extra functional, another best thing about this backpack is that it has not been added with extra separation parts. Hence it would not be requiring any sort of extra assembly. You would love to make use of this backpack as soon as you take it out of your box.

It is available sealed and packed in a full plastic covering to avoid any sort of damage at the time of shipping. For extra safety and security, this backpack is available in a cardboard box.

Important Features of Oakley Overdrive Backpack

Now you would be curious much to know about the important features of Oakley overnight Backpack! Let’s crack into it and discuss a few major features present in this backpack:

Capacity & Material

First, we have the material and capacity of the backpack! This backpack is based on a 100% polyester exterior all along with the 420-denier boomerang dobby.  It is best known for its highly durable nature because it does not tear down easily. This makes it best for camping or hiking trips without any hassle.

The Oakley side bag material of polyester is also suitable for the protection of your backpack against water because it is 100% water-resistant. All in all, it is tick enough which will let the bag stay safe. It is also flexible. This means that you can let this backpack get fitted into any space and storage efficiency.

Apart from having a simple zip, this backpack is included with the lid design alongside the buckles for storing bulky items in one manageable place.

Highly Comfort

Next feature we have the comfort of Oakley hiking Backpack! Due to the polyester material, this backpack is so lightweight. In this way, you will feel the backpack so much light and comfortable on your shoulder even for long hours. If you feel that the backpack has become a little heavy, you can use its soft padded shoulder straps which can make your shoulders feel lighter.

The back of the Oakley one strap backpack has been slightly padded as well. It won’t be giving you a feeling as if you have been standing against a wall the whole time.

The backside of the bag has been made out of mesh material which is excellent for the ventilation. If the backpack is heavy, then it would be giving your shoulders and back a feeling of heat and discomfort. But this feature will enable you to have the airflow at the back and forth to let you stay cool for long hours. Plus, the Oakley water resistant backpack is also attached with the clip which is along with the straps. You can clip the straps through your chest for an easy and smooth movement.


Pockets and compartments do play an important role in any backpack when it comes to arranging all your accessories in one place. This Oakley drawstring bag is available in different pockets in multiple sizes to let all the items stay together.

Plus, it is also included with the padded sleeves in which you can have your water bottle and laptop be kept at one place side for easy access. In addition, you can also look for the micro bag-lined pocket for the sake of storing glasses without any worry of scratching them.

The best feature of this best Oakley Backpack is that it has been rather put together into a high versatility. You do have a complete choice where you can use it for any purpose and in any variation at any limit. As its outer fabric is made out of polyester, therefore, you can clean it through mild soap and a damp cloth.

Oakley Overdrive Backpack Review 2020 - Best Backpack for Travel Time
Image Credit: Amazon

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