A Quick North Face Surge Backpack Review: Features, Pros & Cons & Final Verdict

North Face Surge Backpack Review

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PC Protection
Water Resistance
Ease Of Use


The North Face Surge is specialized for visiting with a laptop, however, its utility does not quit there. If you want to hold masses of units impervious when on the go, this Surge North Face pack may not let you down. With its just drawbacks in water resistance and style, there is a lot to like with this pack.

It’s our Top Pick Award winner for travel; however, we wager you may love it around town, too!


Making plans to go away on a weekend hike? Going tenting with friends or household begins with selecting the best kind of backpack that will comprise all you desire to raise with you and nevertheless be cozy enough to go with.

As effortless as it may additionally appear to pick from the expensive backpacks you see, you should pay more interest to the kind of backpack you buy in order no longer to make a mistake. 

When it comes to shopping for a backpack, there are many elements to think about and a lot of choices to pick out from.

One of the products that have caught our attention is the North Face Surge Backpack Review, and it’s for accurate reasons. In this article, we will take a look at the product and analyze whether or not it’s an awesome choice to pay attention to when buying a backpack.

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The North Face Surge Backpack Review: In-depth guide step by step


This 31-liter Surge backpack is best for expert hikers and campers as it comes with notable points that are wealthy in replacement. It additionally has a new technological know-how stimulated designed to help you store your electronics and usually make your existence less complicated and smoother on the go.

There is a compartment committed in particular for your flat gadgets such as laptops, tablets, documents, and so on. Hence it additionally has a range of fleece-lined pockets that are best for your shades and telephones too, as well as a laptop computer sleeve.

Then there is additionally the lumbar panel which pairs rightly with an injection-molded shoulder strap and offers an all-round relief for the rest of the day.

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Features of North Face Surge Backpack

The North Face Surge Backpack has three important compartments, which include:

  • Admin pouch
  • Large carrying compartment
  • Laptop compartment

PC Protection

This Surge laptop backpack comes with a pouch that holds your laptop as it can with no trouble accommodate a 15-inch MacBook Pro. Hence you don’t have to fear your laptop touching the floor as the pouch is elevated. Also, it has padding and fleece traces too.

The PC compartment opens via to the top and lays flat on the floor when opened. This is as a result enabling you to go through checkpoints very quickly besides having to get rid of your laptop computer from the Surge 2 backpack.

Although the laptop computer sleeve is intended for thinner laptops like the MacBook, you can use the rest of the compartment if you have to lift a lot higher laptop.

Also, in this compartment, there is a semi-rigid plastic body that ensures the bag won’t compress and hit your laptop, thereby preserving your laptop computer safely. In it, you can locate objects like your documents, paper, or small books or something you don’t choose getting damaged.

The large compartment is best for placing books and different large objects as it is spacious enough to accommodate whatever you desire to elevate along.

Admin Pouch

It doesn’t open entirely as the zip is cut off with the help of the bottle holder. It has an awesome netting pouch where you can put your pen and pencil and something else you desire to get entry to without difficulty while on the go.

There are three easy-access pockets, a mesh zipper pocket as nicely as a pill sleeve. There is additionally a small admin pouch where you can area a lot of things. However, notice that if the pouch is overloaded except loading the relaxation of the bag, it will sag outwards.

This can be effortlessly solved by using the use of a compression strap to restoration the problem, even though it’s not going to be perfect.

There are two vertical pouches in the front of the bag in which one is interlined above the other. Hence they are best for small objects or gadgets that require easy access to, however, do no longer put treasured matters in that section to keep away from being robbed.

Bottom Compartment

This is unbiased of the compartment on top and does no longer have so much space. In it, you can put gadgets such as a t-shirt, some pairs of socks and different small clothes. You should even squeeze in a pair of sneakers, but it will no longer accommodate a pair of boots as the measurement in this compartment is limited.

For instance, when you go outdoors, you should stick a rain cover in this compartment and zip it up as this ensures you can continually get access to a rain cover and you can without difficulty pull it out and cover the whole bag to forestall rain from penetrating.

It additionally points to an ice ax loop, which is no longer commonly the case in a college bag.

Water Resistance

This TNF Surge backpack points to long-lasting and heavy-duty cloth that is laced with water-resistant material, a function that maintains your bag dry while also extending the shelf existence of the bag. This surge water resistant compartment zipper leaks, even though it has a well-designed flap.


Tastes vary from one man or woman to another; hence, when it comes to its design, you have specific shades to pick out from.


The back of the women’s surge backpack features first-class building and features, too!

There’s a flex vent injection-molded shoulder strap, these straps are additionally satisfied and are nicely textured. Even if it is stuffed with items, it will no longer dig into your shoulders as it is padded nicely enough to make sure of your comfort. Its top shoulder strap is elastic which helps you clip objects to it if you wish.

North Face Surge 3 Backpack permits air to glide easily, thereby making sure you are continually stored dry even in the course of warm weather. Its sternum strap is adjustable and makes use of a tubular design; this makes it convenient to modify up and down.

Best Applications

Users at conventional airports and safety screenings will fall for this backpack for its TSA-approved laptop computer compartment, however, it really is no longer all.

This North Face Surge pack provides all-around first-rate for the duration of the workweek, with lots of specialized pockets for your each day gadgets and devices. Bike commuters, though, would possibly decide for a greater water-resistant mannequin in case of rain.

When it comes to smooth looks, the Surge is a fish out of water. Built extra for practicality than appearance, it landed at the backside of the Style metric, alongside with the two different packs from The North Face.

To most of our testers, friends, and colleagues, these packs all resemble book bags from faculty days, albeit they are etched out a whole lot nicer. The Surge is at home on campus, however lacks city style.

Ease of Use

When it comes to commuting to and from work, stopping at the fitness center on your way home, or traveling, this is an amazing option. Keeping your objects in location and prepared is a cinch with the Surge.

Unzip, and it opens like a butterfly to lay definitely flat. With no zippers, pockets, or any extras in the way, you can cruise through most airport protection screenings except doing away with your laptop computer and placing it in a separate bin.

This TNF Surge backpack functionality is not a massive deal if you fly infrequently, however, our testers who work and tour appreciably love this feature. One much less factor to put off at protection is a massive bonus. On top of its outstanding organizational skills, this is a giant purpose: it wins our Top Pick for Frequent Flyers Award.


This North Face Surge backpack model is one of the most highly-priced backpacks reviewed with a listing rate of $129. If you are searching to shop time at protection screenings or desire a tech-happy pack, the greater money is well worth it.

If you want a simple, fashionable pack for the week, though, you can shop $40 by opting for the similar, however much less travel-friendly, Borealis from The North Face.

  • It has a 360o reflection on the backpack. This permits you to have a reflection at all instances and allow you to continue to be seen at night
  • There are two water bottle holders
  • Its grasp cope with is thick and at ease to use
  • Has a gentle as well as a defensive laptop computer sleeve
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • It has s stiff mesh padding on its shoulder that is uncomfortable to some users
  • With a laptop computer in it, the bag feels heavy
  • The water bottle mesh pockets are no longer large adequate to keep a massive water bottle

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