A Quick Guide On How to Waterproof a Backpack As a Beginner

A Quick Guide On How to Waterproof a Backpack As a Beginner

If you are fond of traveling outdoors and exploring new places, then it is extremely important to know about how to waterproof a backpack. Let’s guide you a bit about it!

Most of the time you might be traveling to such destinations where the weather condition is quite unexpected in terms of worst rain. A constant pattern of rain can create dirt and mud patterns over the items and clothes inside your backpack. To protect all your valuables, it is extremely important to have a waterproof backpack.

You can easily purchase a waterproof backpack from the market introduced by so many brands. But in the middle of so many options, it can be a little tricky for you to pick the right backpack for yourself.  Some people often get confused between the terms waterproof and water-resistant as both of them are completely different from one another.

Before you step out to purchase a reliable waterproof backpack, let’s help you a bit to figure out how you can waterproof your backpack easily:

Quick Methods on How to Waterproof a Backpack

Follow the guidelines carefully and have your backpack get successfully waterproofed!

1. Use of Spray and Seam Sealer

Spray and Seam Sealer

The easiest and best way with which you can waterproof your LPG operator backpack is through the method of spraying the waterproof spray. Based on your backpack dimension, you can look for the best quality of spray products for yourself.

Once you have done the spray over the entire backpack, the next thing you have to be careful about is the seams over the bag. For this sake, you can purchase a seam sealer through which you can seal the seams and will protect the bag against any worse heat or cold.

But all the sprays are not completely meant to give your messenger bags or backpack a waterproof nature. They can do so temporarily where they can add your bag with the drizzle for extra efficiency.

2. Use of Dry Bag

Dry Bag

This has been a simple method to waterproof your concealed carry sling bag or backpack easily. Dry bags are mostly used by the kayakers or the rafters as they are quick enough to float if they are dripped in some water. You just need to allow a small amount of air to trap inside the backpack.

Hence all these dry bags are not capable enough to easily replace your conventional backpacks as they are merely having one large compartment to store your accessories.  You can only use such bags for keeping it inside your main backpack.

3. Use of Rain Cover

Rain Cover

As it is evident from the name these rain covers are so much ideal when it comes to protecting your backpack against a sudden rain or outpour of water. These rain covers are made out of waterproof material which protects your whole backpack and keeps it safe from getting wet. 

You can even store it in some small space by rolling it down. Mostly they are kept inside the brain part of your backpack so you can instantly pull them out in case of any drizzle or a downpour.

4. Use of Old Raincoat

Old Raincoat

Have you ever thought about reusing your old ponchos or raincoats?  Well, don’t throw them away because they can be used to waterproof your backpack for bike commuting during the hour of need.

You can cut down an old rain jacket or poncho and line it up with the backpack measurements by covering every single inch of it. In case if the excess material is left behind, you can simply fold it on top of one another like a garbage bag. The just difference is that the used material is sturdy and thicker.

You can let this material stay in one place by stitching your bag in the material of nylon thread. There are few other alternative methods as well which you can use. If you do not want to stitch it, you can take an extra waterproof tape and quick tape in case it starts coming out.

5. Use of Ziploc Bags

Ziploc Bags

If you are hiking or kayaking, then definitely you will add your backpack with some gadgets, cash, and technology devices. Therefore, to protect your smartphones, cash, and other devices from water outpour, the best solution would be to use Ziploc bags.

These bags are available in different shapes and designs or sizes. The best thing about these bags is that you can easily squeeze them so you can keep the air out to have extra space.

You can also store your food items inside these bags because they let the moisture out and allow your food to stay fresh. Clothes and sleeping bags can even be stored in the bags for added insulation. If you are on a trip in which you have to cross through streams and lakes, then this is the ideal choice for you to pick right now!

6. Using Rucksack Liners

Rucksack Liners

Rucksack liners are a form of plastic sheet which is made out of thicker material. They are lightweight, strong, and long-lasting to prevent any sort of water to seep inside the bag. Available in bright colors will help you to locate instantly if your backpack rips or falls. This method is quite similar to the one which we have already discussed with garbage bags.


This was all about a few basic and common methods that can guide you better about how to waterproof a backpack without facing any inconvenience.  All the methods which we have discussed right above for you are quite easy to follow during your hiking or travel time.

You can easily do the whole procedure of waterproofing based on the time and effort you are putting into it. As a newbie, it might be a little uneasy for you but we are sure our quick guide will make the whole procedure so much effortless for you.

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