How To Fix A Zipper On A Backpack? Short Video Tips

A week before, I was down in the dumps because my backpack, which I have been carrying for years, one of its zippers, now stopped zipping. One of its sliders weren’t working correctly.

I had two sliders in my backpack, so I could close my backpack’s zipper using another slider. But the problem was, every time I need to remember what side I should use to zip. Well, I didn’t sling it accidentally on my shoulder, believing everything will fine, and the zipper is closed, but guess what; empty all my gear on to the sidewalk.

That situation made me so helpless, especially when you are in a rush, had no idea what to do, how to fix a zipper on a backpack?

I was looking for a quick solution rather than replace a zipper on a backpack because it seems to be very odd to throw your working pack in the garbage because of very small things like the zipper.

Something might happen with all of you; I know it is so annoying when you discover that the main zipper on your backpack isn’t working anymore, not climbing up and down, or backpack zipper stuck. Well, it might, because of the zipper did Ta-ta, and left you in a blue mood.

So now you have two options, give up and buy a new one, or stop being lazy and find out how to fix a zipper on a backpack. You will definitely go with a second option, when there are so many ways that let you fix backpack zippers with ease.

It might seem minimal effort but trust me; it can change your life. Plus it is super easy to fix your backpack zipper, don’t worry, we will educate you, how to fix your backpack zipper.

If your backpack zipper locks, or broken and looking for how to bring your bag into life, then don’t worry, we are going to show you the most efficient way to fix your zipper very quickly.

How To Fix A Zipper On A Backpack

Most often, the backpack comes with reliable zippers, but they also do break sometimes or stuck.

When your backpack zipper breaks, you don’t need to replace whatever it is holding closed. You can save a few bucks by learning how to fix a zipper on a backpack yourself.

Although it seems very odd when this happens, some people may give up and go for a new backpack rather than go for backpack zipper repair. But there are enormous ways you can fix your backpack zipper. With a small effort, you may be able to repair a broken zipper, fix the locking zipper, or can fix other zipper problems.

Examine What The Problem Is?

First of all, you need to find out what the problem is, you must scrutinize the zipper and try to understand what problem you are facing. Does it only stick or the zipper is separated or has problematic sliders, etc?

Sometimes, the zipper is not closing any of the zip fasteners ratchets, and it is hanging. So it is always better to find out what the problem is, before starting fixing a zipper of a backpack.

In this article we’re going to discuss the most common damages of zippers, people facing and will educate you on how to cope with that problem.

1- Fixing the stuck zipper of your backpack

If you have a backpack with a zipper on the back and it feels broken because it doesn’t budge, this can be a lubricant problem. It seems the most common issue most people face, don’t worry; we have a speedy and easy solution to fix this kind of problem. All you need to follow these steps;

Graphite: The simple hack to solve the budge’s problem is lubricating your backpack zipper with graphite. Take a bit of graphite and rub on your zipper’s teeth.

Graphite offers exceptional lubrication, purchases a graphite-stick which works excellent for lubrication. If you don’t have the graphite one, you can even use a Number 2 pencil.

Run this pencil thoroughly up and down in the zipper’s teeth, especially on the area where the zipper is stuck. After applying lubricant, just wiggle the slider up and down a few times until it starts moving smoothly.

Laundry Soap: Sometimes graphite doesn’t work at all, then go for laundry soap, apply a bit of any laundry soap to the zipper. The best thing about laundry soap is, it provides an extra level of lubrication which helps you to fix the stuck zipper.

You need to pour a bit of detergent into the small dish, add a small amount of water into that dish. Then take a cotton ball and dip or swab into detergent liquid and use this wet cotton ball to the zipper.

Place the wet cotton ball down, try to unzip the zipper very gently. Due to the cotton ball, it might move a bit, in that case, return the slider back to its position. After a few repeats, the zipper will start moving smoothly and will be unstuck.

Wash It and Lubricate: If the above two methods (graphite or detergent) don’t work, you need to wash the item and then lubricate again. Sometimes, it might have dirt inside, so washing the item will remove grime, dust, or other objects that cause blockage of the zipper.

After washing, again apply lubricant, but you must take care of the item so that any loose threads, debris, or fuzz from other things won’t be stuck into the zipper.

2- Fixing A Separated Zipper

Look for Build-Up around Zipper’s Teeth: Sometimes, when a substance builds-up around the zipper’s teeth, it stops the zipper from staying closed. So, you need to clean the teeth and if there is any stuff which is preventing them from closing, remove it.

Take a small amount of water and soap in a dish, stir it until a bubble produces, then dip a rag in that liquid and wipe down the teeth of the zipper. Wipe the liquid off the zipper’s teeth with another damp rag. Try to zip and unzip a few times, until it starts moving smoothly.

Fixing Bent Teeth of Zipper: If all the above methods failed and didn’t work, you need to go for fixing the bent teeth. You might need pliers for this method to pull the teeth straight.

Do it very gently and make sure you don’t pull the teeth of the zipper out of its tape. It is the most effective hack to fix a zipper of a backpack.

3- Fixing Sliders issues

Top Zipper Stops Problem: You may face a top zipper stop problem, all you need to use a force to remove the stops. If you are using pliers, be careful because if you applied a lot of force, it might cause further damage to the zipper.

It is very important; without this, you cannot have full access to the teeth or check the slider without removing it.

Push the Slider of the Teeth From the Top and check: Examine the slider of the zipper from the side, take a look if there is an uneven space between the top and the bottom of the slider. That uneven gap between sliders prevents it from engaging the teeth adequately.

If there is any bent in the slider or gap, take pliers and try to fix it out. If you cannot straighten the slider, you need to replace it.

Backpack Zipper Replacement​

If the zipper is entirely damaged, then, sadly, you don’t have any option other than replacing it. I know it feels so odd, but replacing zippers is somehow better than buying a new one.

Don’t worry this article will educate you on how to replace the zipper of your backpack.

1- Prepare The Zipper And Your Backpack

The first thing you need to do before mending is to turn inside your backpack so that you can have easy access. This will help you to remove the old zipper more quickly, and also will hide any stitches after fixing the new one.

It is also better to launder your backpack before starting mending. I always wash my stuff before I start working on it, but you may don’t want it, it is okay, and it’s a personal preference.

Working with a clean backpack will be much more comfortable than when it is not clean.

2- Remove The Old Zipper

You can use a pair of scissors or a seam ripper to remove all the stitches of the old zipper. Be careful not to tear the fabric with the ripper accidentally. When you are removing the stitches, just note the anchoring points on both ends of the zipper.

If it is hard for you to remember all the anchoring points, take a picture. This will help you to replace the zipper correctly, or if you are in a rush and don’t have time to replace the zipper in one sitting, you can come back any time, and with the help of pictures, you can continue replacing.

Also, you will want to replace the new zipper accurately so that it stays in the right place and lasts a long time.

3- Place The New Zipper

After placing the zipper, press the seams flat with the help of iron before this step. To put your new zipper, open it, and first align one side.

Placing it’s top teeth accurately, where you would like its pull to rest, and put the first pin below that spot. Line it up with them as you put in the rest of the pins.

When you are done with one side, close it and mark where its top teeth are, open it again and also repeat on another side.

You must keep it straight and flat as much as possible while replacing it. If you are putting the new zipper in your backpack, consider basting to add a bit more strength and keep the shape more firmly.

Remember when you pinning the new zipper, put it face down. Since the item is inside out, the pull can be accessible from the right side.

You will have to turn the item right-side-out again and trust me. It’s very tough to open a zipper without accessing the pull.

4- Sewing The New Zipper

You can sew the new zipper either by hand or with the machine. If you are sewing it with the machine, use the zipper foot. I found the most effective and easiest way to do this is to unzip your backpack zipper and sew it from the top-down and item’s right side facing down.

You can sew one side first and then turn the right so that the right side faces you to do another party. Unless you sew the other side of the right, you just need to change its position of the zipper foot, once you change the sides.

If you have a machine that comes with a zipper foot, you can read the manual about how you’ll attach to your machine. But if your machine is not good enough or strong to cope with your backpack, then you will need to sew the bag by hand.

Sewing by hand is not hard at all, but you must go over the stitches twice to make sure the zipper is firmly placed.

Most often, people prefer complicated stitches to add more stability, but if you are not pro in stitching, you can do a simple straight stitch. I prefer to stitch by hand because sometimes some hard areas can break the needle of the sewing machine.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How To Fix A Broken Zipper On A Backpack?

Well, as mentioned above, there could be so many possible reasons, and you’ll need to examine first, what the problem is?

If you have a backpack with a back zipper and it is stuck because of not enough lubricant, then just add a bit of wax, graphite, or even laundry soap to the zipper, boom, it will start moving smoothly. If the teeth of the zipper are bent, pull a bit and make them straight with the help of pliers.

How To Fix A Backpack Zipper On One Side?

For this, you must open the zipper pull part, so that you can slide its separated section back into the lineup both sides of the teeth. You can use pliers, a screwdriver to pray the opening wider so that you can get into and get some leverage to widen it.

Widen it and slip the zipper’s side with teeth back in, and then pull it down to the terminal end. Line up the teeth and use the pliers to squeeze the zipper and pull back to the original width so that it firmly holds both sides of the zipper’s teeth.

How To Fix A Stuck Zipper On A Backpack?

The simple hack to solve the stuck problem is lubricating your backpack zipper with graphite. Take a bit of graphite and rub on your zipper’s teeth. Or you can use a detergent soap also to make it move smoothly.

How To Fix A Separated Zipper On A Backpack?

This is the most common problem people face, where one of the tracks comes out of the zipper’s head. It usually happens when your zipper head becomes too large and big, and the track slipped out. You’ll need to open the zipper head, insert the zipper track, and put pressure with the help of pliers to close down the zipper head.

How To Fix A Zipper On A Backpack Without Tools?

Most often, there is some dirt and debris that cause the zipper to stop moving smoothly, and it looks broken. The best way to cope with this problem is, lubricate the zipper first, and it will start working smoothly, but if still not moving, then better to wash first and then repeat the process.

Final Words

Well, it is not easy to find out how to fix a zipper on a backpack, but if you follow all the steps mentioned above, it will help you to fix a zipper on a bag.

Learning how to fix a zipper on a backpack will save your expense for sure; it seems to be very hard, but trust me, it is very easy, all you need just to follow all the steps of this article.

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