How Much Are Vera Bradley Backpacks? Latest Update

How Much Are Vera Bradley Backpacks? Latest Update

I still remember when I was in high school and couldn’t walk down through the school hall without holding and tripping on a vivid paisley tote bag.

My friends at school were all the time wondering what brand makes such beautiful and colorful tote bags. You can imagine the question, yes; all of them asked one question, Hi, Claudia, what a lovely bag, what brand is this?

And I replied with the same answer; it is Vera Bradley!

How Much Are Vera Bradley Backpacks
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The first time I saw Vera Bradley in the market, it made me fall in love at first sight. Of course, I hate to spend too much money, and the question that pops into my mind was, how much are Vera Bradley backpacks?

The best thing that surprised me was its price. Today, Vera Bradley offers the most colorful-print school backpacks, purses, traveling backpacks at a very reasonable price.

Vera Bradley tote bags took over the internet by storm, becoming shorthand for fitting in, vivid colors, looking hot, and having a unique style that makes you buy a brand-name purse.

Teens, high school, college students, and girls eagerly snap up these Vivid Vera Bradley backpacks to haul their essentials; baby boomer women have turned to the Vera brand for their gear, travel, and daily routine errands.

These Vera Bradley school backpacks got everyone’s attention right away. Trust me, and it’s hard to ignore since many of them come in various vivid colors in mind-blowing patterns, comfort, and features.

Let’s read some interesting things published by Business Insider in an article about the brand  Vera Bradley.

According to Business Insider, “Vera Bradley bags are easy to recognize by their loud, cheery, and often mismatched prints. They have nostalgic charm — some resemble a classic paisley bandana, others a Southern floral quilted throw on your grandma’s chair. They are not high-fashion, nor do they try to be. Prices are attainable, from $30 for a cellphone bag to $330 for a suitcase.

Co-Founder and former president, Barbara Bradley Baekgaard, invested $500 to launch the business, now a $468 million publicly traded company. She is one of the 100 richest self-made women in the US with a net worth of $210 million, according to Forbes. She explained how the brand gained popularity on college campuses and grew an ever-expanding network of fans.

Customers often tell Baekgaard that their first Vera Bradley bag was a gift from their godmother or grandmother. “You could say we start at birth because so often maybe their first bag might be a Vera Bradley baby bag,” she told Insider.”

Baekgaard is proud of who the Vera Bradley customer is. They aren’t fashionistas, but someone who wants to put a smile on your face. When her daughter had jury duty, she told her mother she spotted at least three jurors with Vera Bradley bags.

“It’s almost like a little sense of they’re a good person,” she told her. “Mom, if you ever want to get out of jury duty, do not carry a Vera Bradley bag.”

Why Vera Bradley School backpacks? How much are Vera Bradley backpacks?

They are just impossible not to get attention, but why choose Vera Bradley?

  • Performance: The Backpack organizes everything you need.
  • Features: Vera Bradley backpacks have padded back straps along with plenty of pockets.
  • Interior: Spacious compartment for your essentials.

You might have seen a lot in your school, and the number is gradually increasing more and more. People are asking about it, the same as my friends were asking about!

Since it got my attention for the first time, to this day, I truly love Vera Bradley bags.

I admire everything about Vera Bradley, from their high-quality materials, style, design, colors to the usefulness of large size.

Of course, who cannot be in love with this Vera Bradley tote bag’s bright colors and psychedelic patterns?

Who is for these Vera Bradley bags?

You don’t need to be from the upper-high class to carry Vera Bradley on your arm. It is expensive but not that much, and that teen from the middle class doesn’t afford it.

Also, it is not only for someone that prefers shopping to brand names; everyone can have it. Vera Bradley might be a bit expensive by any reasonable standards.

Most often, my friends ask me what is so special about Vera Bradley? I feel very comfortable when I carry the Vera bag, and it gives me confidence. It felt like having the possible preppies purse.

Not only me, who loves to carry the colorful high school tote bag, but most of the celebrities also seem to be in love with the brand.

Sorority sisters also have matching Vera Bradley tote bags; Homecoming queens also had different Vera Bradley bags in the TV show.

Vera Bradley is considered the best companion that boosts your confidence when around; their psychedelic colorful patterns make you feel special.

Vera Bradley high school backpacks for college students

Image Credit By: Vera Bradley

You become busier and task-oriented when you promote and start studying in college. There might be a chance you will be rushing to classes carrying your essentials all day long.

That’s why you need to be more focused on a good school backpack for your essentials. After all, you need to stash your textbooks, notebooks, pens, laptops, etc.

So it would be best if you went for a perfect backpack; it’s time to upgrade your high school backpack this back-to-school season, as you promote to upper classes, and it’s a good time to invest in something cool and more durable.

If you decide to change your school backpack, that fulfills all your requirements and allows you to carry your essentials and at the same time feel relaxed when having and distributing weight evenly to minimize the pressure on your back.

Also, choose something with high-quality materials and features such as designated pen pockets or zippered pouches.

If you want to know what school backpack is best for you, read What backpack should I get for high school?

But if you want something that stands out among all students with unique design, fantastic durability, perfect size, and vivid colors, you must go for Vera Bradley backpacks for college.

Vera Bradley college backpacks come in a variety of psychedelic and fun patterns, from geometric designs to paisley prints.

The design is excellent for college students because it has many features such as zippered laptop pockets, pen holders, easy access to student ID card pockets, etc.

When I was studying at college, I remember an essential thing for me was purchasing the best backpack. After all, the college backpack is considered a sidekick that lets you make yourself more comfortable when tripping around campus and rushing to morning class.

I loved my Vera Bradley college bag; it was the only thing that gave me more confidence whether I was going to college or any weekend adventure trip.

Till today, my Vera Bradly is my lifeline as it used to be in college and made four years of life most comfortable when I was doing the graduation.

When it comes to choosing the best backpack for college, don’t be confused, Vera Bradley comes in a variety of college bags that let you carry your essentials and give an edge to your style.

Vera Bradley Mom’s Bag

 Vera Bradley Mom's Bag
Vera Bradley Mom’s Bag (Image Credit By: Amazon)

If you are a mom, you might need something that offers you a perfect spot to store all the essentials you will need for your baby, and what is more relaxing than if you hold all things in one place?

Well, don’t worry, Vera Bradley’s diaper bag is the best bag that comes with so many features and huge sizes where you can keep toting diapers and wipes, kid’s clothes, baby foods, and even your stuff too.

Whether you are a mother or expecting for the first time, Vera Bradley is the perfect bag for you with mind-blowing colorful patterns and unique styles to fit your needs. 

Vera Bradley’s diaper bag comes with a large compartment that can be used to keep all your and your kid’s essentials properly. This Iconic Vera backpack is excellent for moms that most often commute or travel.

Vera Bradley Women's Performance Twill Ultimate Baby Diaper Bag
Vera Bradley’s diaper bag (Image Credit By: Amazon)

It has large pockets that let you fit a baby feeder and water bottle, while the zippered pockets keep all your work IDs, metro, and bus pass.

The Vera Bradley backpack for mom is very lightweight, easy to pack, and has beautiful feminine details that stand out among all other women. 

Vera Bradley Tote Bag For Work

Vera Bradley tote bag for work
Image Credit By: PM-Pulse – View On Amazon

Vera Bradley produces not only school and college bags but also has impressive tote bags as well.  They have a variety of tote bags perfect for all uses, whether you are going shopping, parties, traveling, or office.

As a girl, I wouldn’t say I like to hold the same things every day, and I love to change my style depending upon the situation and events. That’s why Vera Bradly is best because they have lots of modern and classic style bags that offer a distinctive look to your style and boost your confidence when you are playing around.

You can start your days with more energy, carrying the Vera Bradley office’s tote bag, which is perfectly designed for working women. It allows you to keep almost all the essentials that you will need in your workplace.

The office tote bag has a large size, and the compartment is made to give you comfort and allow you to place your notebook, laptop, and folders easily.

Not only this, new tote bags come with six slip interior pockets and also extra exterior pockets to add in the Iconic and lanyard Zip ID case easily.

There are a lot of women that travel or commute for work every morning. It is, therefore, very important to have enough room for all your on-the-go essentials.

I see so many women in the subway in the morning carrying Vera Bradley that lets them store their tech and notes and pens, which they are commuting with, to the office.

Me too, pack so many things when going to work. I take an ID case, water bottle, orange juice, even a cosmetic bag because I rush to work and then, in the subway,  freshen up before reaching my office.

You might sometimes go to the coffee shop and buy a latte or caramel macchiato and then pick the chair and start some work. Trust me, Vera Bradley’s backpack for the remote workplace is always there to cover; you can pack up a tablet or laptop, notebook, pen.

So you can even do your important task in a coffee shop without any problem. Vera Bradley is here to take care of you. 

As mentioned before, Vera is perfect for all occasions, whenever we plan to have a weekend trip after busy days at work. I take my Vera Bradley hiking backpack and enjoy the adventures all the way, holding my tote bag.

Vera Bradley hiking backpack
Vera Bradley hiking backpack (Image Credit By: Amazon)

Girls love Vera because they can carry an umbrella, water bottle, GPS, hiking compass, sunglasses, even a cosmetic bag (for keeping bug spray and sunscreen), and extra clothes if the weather changes and rain starts.

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How much does a Vera Bradley backpack cost?

Vera Bradley’s school backpack, handbags, totes, shoulder bags, duffles, etc., are very well known for their high-quality material, riotous colors, quilted cotton, and beautiful patterns, ranging from florals to paisleys.

The brand gained enormous popularity; I bet you can’t leave the house in the town without seeing a girl with the patterned bag, and from school bag to tweens, girls wear this Vera Bradley bag on their arm.

You might be wondering how much does a Vera Bradley backpack cost? Well, the price is different, depending on what Vera Bradley bag you are going to buy.

It costs from $50 to $250 and even more, depending on the type you are interested in, but it is worth it.

Girls often love colorful accessories, and girls hate spending most days using the same old-fashioned stuff.

They love a pop of colors. Their personality may not be boring at all as their job, and they like to represent it in the right way.

I have to admit, most girls always want to have Vera Bradley bags. They don’t care about price; girls love the pattern/color, fabric, and high-quality materials.

People choose Vera Bradley because it’s very comfortable and has various colors, beautiful patterns, and, of course, multiple styles for different occasions that can fit everyone’s needs.

What stores sell Vera Bradley backpacks?

Due to its enormous popularity, it is available for almost every big store, such as Hallmark, Dillards, Zappos, Belk, Walmart, etc. You can use the store finder tool to find the nearest store to buy Vera Bradley. 

You can also buy Vera Bradley online, such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. Walmart and Amazon have a huge variety of Vera Bradley; you can buy them with ease.

Although Vera Bradley is a bit expensive, trust me, it is worth the price. Vera Bradley is a very high-quality bag, comes with so many amazing styles and vivid colors that make you so unique and increase your confidence when you are around in the town.

You will admire everything about this Vera Bradley backpack, from high-quality materials, design, style to its cherishing colors and fashioned patterns.

You will love Vera Bradley; they mostly have a great sale and let you buy direct from the Vera Bradley store at a discounted price. It would help if you tried this amazing bag.

I’m not too fond of any other bag; I love Vera Bradley because of their different print and impressive durability.

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