7 Top Beautiful & Cheapest Places to Backpack in Europe Quick List

7 Top Beautiful & Cheapest Places to Backpack in Europe Quick List

Are you looking for some cheapest places to backpack in Europe in 2021-2022? Do you want to explore the beauty and history of Europe this year!

There are many great options and are budget-friendly locations worldwide, but it is also possible to find destinations that will cost just a bit more. This article lists some of the best cheap places to visit in 2021, along with suggestions on saving money when traveling.

If you are planning for a trip around the world, there are many options to select from. The best option is to plan according to your budget. There are some cheap places to visit in the world that won’t burn huge holes in your pockets.

Of course, any place is expensive if not planned well. Madrid is famous worldwide for its spectacular architecture and grand history, but it can become costly when you do not carefully plan out how you will explore this city.

These cheap places can be used as reference points while planning where you would like to travel shortly:

List Cheapest Places to Backpack in Europe

Now without wasting any time let’s check out some major guidelines over cheapest places to backpack in Europe: 

Kotor, Montenegro

Cheapest Places To Backpack In Europe
Picture of the inscription above the entrance to the old town in Kotor, Montenegro. (Image Credit: Wikipedia)

Like Romania, Montenegro often misses off the backpackers’ basic itineraries, with many heading towards the incredible Islands of Croatia to look for some clubs and nightclubs. But as you will make your way to Kotor, this is the real treat for you. 

Kotor is a famous idyllic ancient port as a small town, a center homeland of affordable hotels and cheap local wine.  You will also experience warm and pleasant weather in this destination, ideal for relaxing down on a beachside.

Budapest, Hungary

Cheapest Places To Backpack In Europe
The most famous Budapest bridge, the Chain Bridge, the icon of the city’s 19th century development, built in 1849. (Image Credit: Wikipedia)

Next on our list, we have Budapest, separated by the fantastic Danube River, in which this destination has been divided into two sectors. It has Buda Hills on the west side and stunning flat Pest, which is on the Eastside.  It is a perfect example of a romantic environment filled with some best spa centers, castles, bridges, and cathedrals. 

It has been one of the cheapest destinations for tourists to explore in Europe. You can look for hostels for your accommodations in different corners. For the student’s accommodations, some of the hostels even offer discount packages too.  Pack your messenger bags right now!

Furthermore, this place is equally cheap in terms of cuisine options as well. You can explore so many food centers delivering delicious food options at the cost of £10 per person. But the hotels or the accommodation centers which are located near the riverside are not cheap.

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Istanbul, Turkey

Cheapest Places To Backpack In Europe
Hagia Sophia Mosque, Istanbul. Hagia Sophia was built in AD 537. (Image Credit: Wikipedia)

Next comes the name of a pleasant destination, Istanbul! It has been another top leading and favorite destination among the tourists in Turkey. If you are visiting Turkey, then visiting Istanbul will make your whole tour extra unique and memorable. 

This ancient city boasts up some historic buildings and mesmerizing galleries to look at. You can also visit some museum centers as well.  In this way, backpackers will have plenty of options to visit in Istanbul. Pack your concealed carry sling bag right now!

At night, this city transforms itself into a vibrant Mecca, flooded with nightclubs and bars.  Shopping in Istanbul is so budget-friendly where you can visit different shopping centers and stores having all famous brands.  

Accommodation services are also cheap in Istanbul, where you can quickly get a room at the cost of almost £9 a night.

Riga, Latvia

Cheapest Places To Backpack In Europe
The building of the Brotherhood of Blackheads is one of the most iconic buildings of Old Riga. (Image Credit: Wikipedia)

Riga is the capital city of Latvia! This place is known for its active cultural lifestyle, best entertainment options, cheap accommodations, and historical record. This has been one of the top listed accommodations which you can choose to travel at a budget-friendly cost. 

In Riga, you can look for the accommodation services which you can get at the price 

Although many visitors traveling to Bucharest would not be considering this place as the beautiful one in terms of beauty and nature when it comes to a cheap range of around £3-7 as per night. Plus their food and transportation options are equally cheap. 

Bucharest, Romania Accommodation and food, it has definitely won the hearts of tourists. You can choose some hiking backpack under 100 for your trip. 

This is an old historical city in Romania which is a great place to explore and roam around with your partner. You can explore the beauty of the Palace of Parliament which is the main attraction of this city.  Your trip to Bucharest is incomplete if you have not visited the Palace of Parliament. 

Mostar, Bosnia

Cheapest Places To Backpack In Europe
The old Bridge in Mostar, in rebuild  June 2003. (Image Credit: Wikipedia)

Mostar is one of the famous cities of Bosnia which is extremely popular due to the bridge’s beauty. This bridge has also been part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.  

Right into this bridge majority of the men dive into just to prove their manhood and masculinity. With time, this tradition becomes so popular that every coming tourist does not miss the chance to dive into this bridge.  Ladies can pack their luggage in some women gym bags

Apart from the bridge, Mostar is magnificent in its fantastic architecture, wholly covered with bullet-hole-laden walls as the reminders of the city’s brutal past.

Krakow, Poland

Cheapest Places To Backpack In Europe
The Church of St. Adalbert is one of the oldest churches in the city dating from the 11th-century. (Image Credit: Wikipedia)

Krakow is the top famous Poland city which has continued to become the favorite European bargain destination. It already has the cheapest bars, hotels and is visited by hundreds of tourists every week just to explore the beauty of this destination. 

This city is completely flooded with some mesmerizing locations in which you encounter buildings from wartime and the atmospheric Jewish quarter of Kazimierz. Over the last few years, Krakow is becoming a favorite among tourists which are bringing some expectations to raise the prices. 

Bratislava, Slovakia

Cheapest Places To Backpack In Europe
The old Slovak National Theatre building on Hviezdoslav Square. (Image Credit: Wikipedia)

Last but not least we have Bratislava, which is from Slovakia country!  It is one such destination that is always on the list of backpackers.  This destination is not just based on some scary buildings of historic time, but it has cheap bars, affordable hostels, and more.  A backpacker can have an estimated budget of £25 per day to explore this city at an average level. 

Choosing where and how much you spend hinges considerably on your personal preferences. By finding inexpensive lodging alternatives, carrying only necessary items, cooking your meals at home often, and what are you waiting for? Pick your favorite destination out of this above list right now and get a lifetime chance to explore the beauty of Europe!

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