9 Best Travel Backpack For Europe Evergreen in 2021

9 Best Travel Backpack For Europe Evergreen in 2021

There are more travel bags on the market than ever before which is awesome because it means that bag makers are actually responding to travelers like us who want comfortable, practical, urban-friendly, and trendy travel bags.

I’m here to help you find the right travel bag for your travel style. You should know about what reason you’re going to buy a backpack and what the essential features of it have to be.

If you have so many choices for the best travel backpack for Europe, then you need to pick the one backpack alternative that is in outstanding shape.

I’ve traveled Europe with a backpack strapped to my back hundreds of times, and over the years I’ve personally checked over twenty of the most popular travel bags to bring you what I consider are the best travel bags on the market (yes, I’m a backpack geek).

Many backpacks tend to be lighter than regular suitcases (often made of durable polyester) and smaller, too—usually fitting neatly under the seat in front of you. Plus, you can conveniently take your carry-on luggage from the airport to nature trails, city walks, beach shores, and beyond, although using your hard-shell suitcase as your beach bag might not be the most practical idea.

Why Buy a Travel Backpack?

Seeking the perfect backpack should be at the top of your to-do list before you gallivant across Europe. 

Travel applications may have made certain aspects of backpacking much simpler than they used to be, but sadly there are no shortcuts when it comes to carrying your kit. 

Whether you’re having a brief city vacation with your friends or a couple of months of the solo-backpacking extravaganza, you and your bag are going to spend a lot of time together.

But you need to make sure that the backpack you pick is the backpack for travel in europe.

The geography of Europe can be highly diverse, from the mountains to the ports, to the beaches.

There are plenty of bags on the market. It could be overwhelming to find the one that suits you for the best carry on backpack for europe.

Overview of the Best Travel Backpacks

I took the best backpacks for Europe trip in the world and explain them Precisely. What kind of travelers they are. Each bag is different based on how you’re going and what you’re planning to do on any given adventure.

This makes it easier for you to find a European backpacks that suit your style.

There’s nothing worse than a moving backpack that causes pain, anxiety, and fear every time you gear up to go on.

What you’re going to learn in this section: We’ll cover every feature and aspect that you want to know when picking the backpacks for European travel that better serves you, and we’ll also suggest our favorite backpacks at every price range.

Top Factors to be included in the Travel Backpack for Europe

You may be motivated to get the biggest backpack you can buy, just in case you need space. But it’s always easier to do something lighter and more flexible.

You can either use your pack as a carrier while traveling or you can mix it with other luggage on trips when you need a little more space.

Top-loading or panel-loading

Top-loading bags provide entry from the top, much like conventional backpacks.

Panel-loaders, also known as front-loaders, open, like a suitcase, from the front.

Top-loading bags should be appropriate for hiking or shorter journeys. But for longer-term travelers who need access to their things regularly, a panel loader may be a godsend.


40-liter (40 L) bags can be ideal for light or short-term passengers. As hand luggage, they will also fit on aircraft, which is ideal for jetting across Europe on economical flights.

A 60 or even 70 L bag could be more fitting if you’re backpacking for a while or generally like to have a bit more wardrobe option.


In your travel backpack, don’t neglect the value of pockets and dividers. When you forget which of the 20 thank you versions you learned is the best one for a scenario, you can need your phrasebook within easy reach. 

Some bags come with a cover to clean the straps, too. This feature is useful for inspecting aircraft baggage.


Comfortable shoulder belts and hip straps are a must as you pick your bag.

Don’t hesitate to consider side handles for public transit to lift your bag.

Laptop compartment

Your electronics would be held protected by a special padded compartment. Of note, there is always something you can do for other items, such as books or travel journals.

Rain resistant

You don’t want any water to spill out of your pack! Healthy backpacks are weather-sealed or with a rain cover.

lockable zippers

Zipper Locks are an easy way to keep your hands out of your wallet, bag, or travel bag. You need a double zipper bag to function as planned, that is, with two zipper pulls. This is because this smart little device ties the two zip pullers together so that they can’t be removed to reach the bag.

Good Carry Handles

Backpacks are a good carry handle and safer choice for transporting books and supplies than shoulder or messenger bags. This is because the weight of the pack is uniformly spread around your body. The hardest muscles in the body, the back as well as the abdominal muscles support the bag.

Internal or External Compression Straps

About every pack has them, the funky webbing bands that internal or external compression straps cross the arms. They are called compression belts, and their key function is to squish the load closer to the frame of the bag, holding the weight and the mass closer to the back for more weight.

The Savvy Backpacker's Guide to Europe
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Quick Review: The Best Travel Backpack for Europe

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Osprey Farpoint / Fairview best small travel backpack for europe

Osprey Farpoint/Fairview best small travel backpack for europe
  • Convenient suspension mechanism
  • Laptop/Organizer pocket (front)
  • Removable zippers
  • Lightweight and budget-priced
  • Excellent for prolonged long-distance journeys
  • Stowable straps
  • Padded top handles and side handles
  • Not many organizational features
  • Laptop sleeve in a removable daypack

The Farpoint 40 is very popular in the backpacking scene. I’ve seen them all the time in hostels all around the world

I took one on a 2-year round-the-world backpack for a Europe trip and was happy to take it with me!

There are a few items that most bags do better: for example, the laptop compartment is not very strategically located and there are no smart storage spaces in the main compartment. But… you can’t match the mix of price and durability of the Farpoint 40.

This is a great bag for budget travel. If you’re planning a summer backpack around Southeast Asia or a hostel around Europe, you just can’t go wrong with the Farpoint 40.

The biggest thing I like about the Farpoint is that it’s super cozy with a padded back cover, well-padded shoulder straps, and a full-size hip strap.

Six separate shifting belts make it convenient to spread the weight over your whole back. Normally, Osprey makes trekking bags, and you can see how good the harness is.

There’s also the Osprey Fairview 40, which has a particular fit for ladies. If you’re going to spend a long time and don’t need a carry-on bag, consider the Osprey Farpoint Trek. It’s a newer version with some good changes.

Pacsafe Venturesafe EXP45 – travel backpack for europe anti theft

Pacsafe Venturesafe EXP45 Anti-Theft Carry-On Travel Backpack
  • Laptop compartment
  • locking zipper pulls
  • cut-resistant wires
  • Inner framework
  • Feature-Packed
  • Carry-On Size
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile, High-Quality
  • Difficult to navigate the items (theft-deterrent)

Pacsafe is the leading brand of anti-theft backpacks and has been around for almost 20 years. The Pacsafe Venturesafe Travel Pack 45L is only one example of its incredible products.

It comes with all the basics, such as the eXomesh Slashguard system, which features a secret stainless steel shield, making it fully slash-proof.

The bag is also constructed from ECONYL fabric, which is made from recycled fishnets, a beautiful eco-friendly commodity.

The Venturesafe Travel backpacks for europe 45L also comes with an RFID pocket and smart zippers and is the best carrier for most airlines. Then, if you need to search your pack, it has stowaway straps for secure travel.

It opens and shuts like a clamshell suitcase for quick access to your possessions and organization.

The style and versatility of this anti-theft backpack are superb and will give you peace of mind – whether you’re on a weekend getaway or flying around the world! It’s a perfect backpack for Europe travel and people who want to protect their personal belongings.

Eagle Creek Global Companion Travel Backpack

  • Top, bottom, and side handles
  • Rugged Bi-Tech cloth bottom resists abrasion and wet weather
  • Laptop Sleeve
  • Several compartments
  • Rain cover
  • Clam Shell Open
  • Lockable self-repair zippers
  • Bottom shoe compartment
  • Ugly, Pointless Front Pockets (Too Small)
  • Lack Side Handle
  • Permanent Straps

This is a fantastic Eagle Creek companion travel backpack. This is another front-loading European travel backpack that will fulfill all your travel needs. 

The Global Companion travel backpack has excellent shoulder belts and weight-bearing belts, making it very comfortable and easy to carry.

It has a comfortable hip belt with an outer pocket, durable lockable zippers to protect your things and a rain cover.

It also includes compartments for organizing your stuff, a laptop sleeve, a special shoe storage area at the bottom of the bag, and lots of organizational pockets at the front of the bag.

It’s another better version of a clamshell-style backpack that allows easy access to your luggage. I love the open clamshell, and it’s the best backpack for backpacking europe.

Standard 35L Air best travel backpack for Europe carry on

35L Travel Backpack for Air Travel | Carry-on Sized, Flight Approved
  • New concept of accents in color
  • Packing pockets and gaps
  • Shoulder straps and raincoat featured
  • Durable Construction
  • Laptop Sleeve
  • Suspension
  • Side Handles
  • Backpack with Water Bottle
  • High Duty Material
  • Compression Straps
  • Heavy
  • Storm Cover a little bit uncomfortable to bring on

This minimalist 35L travel backpack is the ideal carry on for those looking to pack everything they need for their journey.

It’s not flashy or complex, but the basic style is the ideal travel europe backpack with a smart build, the bag can be stretched from 35 to 45 liters due to an expandable zipper.

This handbag of the Canadian retailer Standard Luggage Co. can be used either as a backpack or as a duffel with the optional shoulder strap. It’s got some fantastic interface touches that make it stand out, which is a big factor for me to add it here.

I like the accents of color that can be swapped between orange and blue (both colors are included). Standard Luggage Co. Flying backpack.

My best part of this bag is the fact that it’s designed to open like a clamshell suitcase that makes it easy to access. A removable laptop sleeve is a great asset for international travelers or business travelers. 

Other fantastic features include top and side grips, compression straps, and two exterior pockets.

Standard always thought about the construction of the packs, and it’s evident in the final product. It looks high-quality due to good grips, zips, seams, and a heavy-duty nylon outer material. 

They also have some cool accessories including a roller strap and a rain shield that you can’t find in a lot of other backpacks.

Osprey Porter 46 best travel day backpack for europe

Osprey Porter 46 best travel day backpack for europe
  • Organization Bags
  • Osprey Suspension
  • Laptop Sleeve
  • Compression Tech
  • Construction Sidewalls
  • Various Sizes
  • High Value
  • Excellent side-pocket and travel organizer.
  • Backloading
  • Laptop pocket on the back
  • Stew-away brace
  • Stiff the outer shell to secure your things
  • Harness is more easily flexible, but still simpler and not as padded.
  • Not as easy to cram into small storage areas.

The Porter 46 is a rather fascinating contrast to the Farpoint 40. It seems to have been built from a different starting point; the Farpoint 40 looks more like a down-sized trekking bag made appropriate for general travel, while the Porter 46 feels like a duffel bag that has been converted to a backpack.

You’re probably noticing a theme right now, but we love Osprey’s travel bags in Europe and around the world.

you’re on a bus or train. It is also known as a hiking backpack.

The packaging is well-built and leaves space for all your garments. The bag is lightweight and easy to throw away from your back when you are on a bus or go anywhere.

The only drawback with this bag is that it’s not as sturdy as it is, so anyone who wants to walk or cover the distance to the backpack is going to get uncomfortable.

This one of the cheapest backpacks from Osprey that you can find, which means you’ve got more money for your backpacking journey.

It’s got padded walls that stand up, while the walls of the Farpoint 40 can fold in when not filled. It has more side pockets and a better-streamlined travel organizer. 

Although even the belt is smaller and not as well-padded, making it less suitable for heavier loads or long distances. Basically, it’s sort like a city pack.

My recommendation for this pack is 46L size, but if you want a little more space, 65L should have more than enough room to pack for a trip around the world.

The main difference between the Osprey Porter and the Farpoint/Fairview is the compression straps, the organization, and the consistency.

I think the Porter 46 is more suitable for urban/general travel, while the Farpoint is more suited to adventurous travel. 

The Porter 46 frame is slightly clumsy and wide and not as easy on your back, but it’s a lot easier to hold your stuff inside and feel more flexible. It even has a better job of holding a notebook.

WITZMAN Men Travel Backpack Canvas Rucksack Vintage Duffle Bag

WITZMAN Men Travel Backpack Canvas Rucksack Vintage Duffel Bag
  • Imported material
  • 100% polyester
  • Good workmanship
  • Perfect stitching
  • Durable and high-quality leather
  • Come down with a side handle and a duffel strap.
  • Deep storage
  • There’s no bag tag or spot to put details

WITZMAN Men Travel Backpack Canvas Rucksack Vintage Duffle Bag is constructed from the key content of 90 percent high-density cotton fabric and 10 percent PU leather, which makes it a sturdy backpack.

As far as the construction is concerned, you’ll get one key zip pocket, one side mesh pocket, two front zip pockets, and one laptop compartment.

It measures 11.5 inches in length by 18.5 inches in height by 8 inches in width in terms of its size.

You’ll still get it as a multi-purpose usage that will encourage you to use it as a duffle, briefcase, handbag, suitcase while you’re traveling.

It has two long-lasting belts that are concealed in the compartment, rendering the bag a backpack and a saddle.

Its detachable shoulder strap will quickly transform the backpack into a mailbag, a shoulder bag, a cross-body bag, a messenger bag, and a school backpack.

Also on the back, there is a zip pocket that has backpack-type shoulder straps. You can use this bag as either a shoulder type bag or a suitcase-style bag.

Its backpack straps have padded mesh shoulder straps for both comfort and breathability. Come with a removable & customizable shoulder band, this canvas backpack can be worn as a backpack, shoulder bag, tote bag.

SWISSGEAR Hybrid Travel Backpack for Family

SWISSGEAR Hybrid Travel Backpack For Family
  • Imported
  • Polyester lining
  • Clever side zipper
  • Exterior organizer features
  • Backpack with water bottle pocket
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Not the “weekend” size backpack

SWISSGEAR backpacks are designed with day-to-day versatility and advanced technologies to make your travel more smooth.

The ScanSmart Range integrates a TSA-friendly compartment for fast scanning of your devices using scanners, while our Work Pack Range blends durable materials with the ultimate structure for easy storage and access to equipment.

Featuring a sleek silhouette, the diaper bags embed contemporary specifics and on-the-go usefulness to satisfy parents and children everywhere they go.

Steeped in tradition and respected as a pioneer in creativity in practical architecture.

 It recognizes the needs of today’s active lifestyle with items such as Scan Smart technology, Airflow back panels, RFID storage, and USB-equipped charging capability.

SWISSGEAR backpacks are equipped with technologies focused on providing true valuation solutions.

The distinction between a decent bag and a great one always centers around its ability to keep you packed and effective while you’re on the go. 

SWISSGEAR backpacks are also used as a high school backpack composed of a multitude of pockets and compartments built to protect their contents to ensure that each has its proper place and ensure that the things are still there when you need them.

Backpacks need to be convenient to use, otherwise, you have totally defeated their purpose.

With features such as a signature air mesh ergonomic curved shoulder belts, strongly padded back walls, durable fabrics, and foresight to put bulky product compartments closer to your back

SWISSGEAR backpacks offer the best daypack for europe.

BOPAI 30L Travel Backpack for Men Business

BOPAI 30L Travel Backpack For Men Business
  • Impervious type fabric
  • Invisible pocket
  • USB charging
  • Closure in two directions
  • Intelligent enhancement
  • Breathable
  • Multifunction pockets
  • Cannot handle a 17-inch laptop

Bopal 30L travel backpack for men business has smooth zippers on the back. If you remove the smart zipper, the invisible pocket will light up and be filled with an additional 50 percent of the room.

Soft flannel compartment can be added to a 15.6″ laptop and assures trouble-free TSA screening on airport security. Special hidden double zipper enhances the protection of your stuff inside. One secret zip pocket for your purse, phone, and your watch.

The construction of the back sleeve makes it possible for the backpack to slip over the luggage handle for easy mobility during travel.

Waterproof microfiber leather and durable ballistic nylon. Massage and breathable back shape would save you from heat and sweating.

These multipurpose backpacks are the best option for travel, business, workplace or school, etc. As father’s day present.

Isolated quick-access compartment Secure your notebook, iPad or tablet is the sequester of your written content. The trolley handle moves through the works both vertically and horizontally.

BANGE Travel Overnight Weekender Backpack

BANGE Travel Overnight Weekender Backpack
  • Waterproof
  • Multiple zippers
  • High capacity to carry on backpack
  • Multi-purpose Travel Backpack
  • Durable and convent Flying Rucksack
  • Elastic shoulder straps
  • Enough capacity
  • Comfort as you are holding
  • Adjustable strap for the chest
  • No anti theft pockets

The BANGE backpack is a versatile, all-purpose backpack with enough business, nighttime, or weekend travel ability to carry all of your personal belongings.

Designed with a long-lasting, ultra-durable oxford waterproof, your possessions can be safe from the elements.

The full-zip opening allows fastpacking with tons of capacity. Built with sturdy and waterproof cloth padding. Separate upholstered laptop storage containing up to 17″ laptop.

Middle zip completely open for quick packing of several compartments. Various outer straps handle for easy handling. Padded shoulder belts offer comfort when carrying.

Several zip fast-access stock pockets Stretchy side pocket ideal for packing a water bottle.

THE Stylish, sturdy BANGE BACKPACK is the best holiday versatility, with enough twin-zip, waterproof compartments for all your needs.

 Its wide three-modular shoulder strap has space for multiple mesh-enclosed soft components, the larger of which is equipped for many changes of clothes, while the medium module is suitable for toiletries, and the smallest module can hold smaller valuables, extra batteries, accessories, etc.

 The inside harness prevents your device and other things from slipping out when you conveniently open the compartment for TSA regulators, and the uppermost rear-facing twin external pocket is ideal for holding your mobile, note pads, iPads, notebooks, cards, etc.

This backpack will carry a number, including 5 to 7 clothing, pair of shoes, a laptop, tablet, mobile phone, power bank, books, pens, a camera, and so on. 

If you want to go on a flight, hiking, camping, family car travel, and school daypack, it would fit you. It can also be used as a backpack for  Europe, traveling backpack, nighttime rucksack, and so on.

Adjustable Chest Brace can avoid sliding of the shoulder bands. It can be tailored to suit the shoulder by extending the adjustable strap.

The breathable flexible shoulder straps will comfort your shoulders because they remove the heat and brush your shoulders very gently, even though they are filled with heavy things.

Topside hand loops provide a new way to wear your bag. The top hand strap can be used as a shoulder bag.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best backpack for traveling Europe with?

You’ve taken the time to prepare for your journey, and you’ve properly prepared it, yet still, you can’t seem to find the right backpack to fly to Europe.

Then there is a backpack from Europe.

Review of the best backpacks for traveling Europe.

1. Osprey Farpoint 40 Men’s Travel Backpack
2. Pacsafe Venturesafe EXP45 Anti-Theft Carry-On Travel Backpack
3. Eagle Creek Global Companion Travel Backpack
4. 35L Travel Backpack for Air Travel
5. Osprey Porter 46 Travel Backpack
6. WITZMAN Men Travel Backpack Canvas Rucksack Vintage Duffle Bag
7. SWISSGEAR Hybrid Backpack Family
8. BOPAI 30L Travel Backpack for Men Business 
9. BANGE Travel Overnight Backpack

Should you carry a backpack in Europe?

Yes, you surely carry a backpack in Europe because people in Europe are carrying backpacks too, but you sure do not see the belt packs. I also have a really lightweight color pouch.

How big of a backpack do I need for Europe?

In my point of view, a backpack for Europe is something the cabin size about (46 liters) backpack with a lot of space left over is feasible for europe trip.

Where should I start backpacking in Europe?

Top European destinations for backpackers.

1. Belgium
2. Germany
3. Greece
4. Croatia 
5. Spain
6. Netherland

What kind of luggage should I take to Europe?

Whether you’re on a journey for the long term to Europe then you should definitely take at least 10 to 20 bags or suitcases with you. In which u keep your all required luggage.

What is European carry on size?

Maximum dimensions: not more than 55 x 40 x 20cm. Weight Allowed: Depending on where you fly, a limit of 5-7kg is allowed.

Final Words

In my opinion, these backpacks are the best travel backpacks for Europe to travel all around Europe.

Everyone can use these backpacks. I even used it for a lighter trip to Europe, and it was not heavy at all. These backpacks are Reliable, calm, comfortable, and anti-theft.

Packing with these backpacks and go for two weeks across Europe and enjoying your trip. I hope you found this commodity very beneficial and useful for all readers so hurry up and go, and grab this backpack for yourself.

Stop reading this and just buy it. Must purchase for travelers. I would like to hear about your experience with these backpacks. In the feedback section, feel free to share your insights and ideas about this post.

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