10 Best Tote Bags For College Students Ultimate Guide

10 Best Tote Bags For College Students Ultimate Guide

Trying to carry all your essentials while you’re going to school is not always so easy. You need something that holds all your stuff, also is convenient to carry. 

That’s the reason; tote bags are trendy among students; these best tote bags for college students are ideal for carrying all kinds of stuff, such as notebooks, textbooks, pens, and other college essentials that you might need in your classroom.

On top of that, these tote bags also can be used for carrying groceries, clothes, etc. The best thing about these tote bags for school is, they’re incredibly durable, pretty rugged, and eco-friendly.

According to Debco, “In July 2011, the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) launched a comprehensive study among end-users and end-buyers to compare opinions regarding ad-spec usage and preferences.

One of the highlights to emerge from this report is the apparent disconnect in terms of bag/tote material preferences.



The most preferred material type distributors and suppliers indicated was canvas, selected by 44.5% and 37.5%, respectively. However, they also advocated non-woven bags and totes (38.7% and 20.8%, respectively).


End-buyers and end-users overwhelmingly prefer canvas for bags/totes (85.1% and 76%, respectively), with very little interest in any other type of material.”

With versatility, tote bags for college students look more appealing, fashionable, and reusable.

Another reason why students love to carry tote bags is that they’re very fashionable these days. After all, these structured tote bags come in all colors and shapes, with a different pattern, which makes them very stylish. Also, tote bags are more affordable than standard backpacks.

As there are plenty of best tote bags for school out there, it is tough to find a tote bag as stylish as it is functional. But don’t worry; we did lots of research and testing. We came up with a list of ten sturdy and best tote bags for college students, which are large enough to carry anything you could wish for.

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Editor’s Pick: KROSER Laptop Tote Bag “The KROSER bag is famous among other packs for its built-in USB port which works via connecting the power bank.”

Quick Summary

In all these options, the most classic lightweight shoulder bag from the sunny snowy brand is the Laptop tote bag because it is all in one bag with unique functions and can easily carry it anywhere. It’s a pocket-friendly pack, and amazon has put a 50% appreciable discount with a 100% buyer self-satisfaction. It’s a unique chance to get your favorite backpack.

Buyer Guide – Best Tote Bags For College Students

There are some essential factors that you must need to consider before choosing the best laptop tote bag for students. Such as;


Durability is an essential factor that you must consider before buying any laptop tote bag, so whether you are buying it for your school, or day-to-day use, it must be durable.

Also, make sure you already check what other buyers are saying about the durability because they already used it, and there are no other means to check whether it is durable or not except their review.


All the tote bags are not the same; some have two compartments, while others come with plenty of compartments. So, check them before choosing the right one.

Also, the main compartment should be spacious because this is the compartment where you will put your laptop, and you must choose it according to your laptop size.


Size is also an essential factor when it comes to selecting the best tote bag for college students. Some students like to carry a lot of stuff in their tote bag, while others only take a few things. 

So you must choose according to your needs. It’s true the size matters; of course, no one wants a tote bag that has excellent features but lacks sufficient room to hold your laptop. 

If you have a 15-inch laptop, you should go for a tote bag compatible to carry a 13 inch laptop to 15-inch laptop. All the tote bags that we have reviewed in our list are compatible with carrying laptops. Take your time to read all of them, and select those that fit your needs perfectly.


Everyone loves to carry a tote bag that looks fancy and appealing, and I love to take a bag that looks great on all clothing styles. 

It is the first thing that every woman considers before choosing a tote bag. So, you must also choose a pack that offers excellent functionality and also looks great. 

All the tote bags that we have reviewed in our list are so amazing. They come with elegant colors and have stunning designs, read them all and choose the one that suits your style the most.


Do you know the material of your tote bag will determine how sturdy your bag is? It is also an essential factor that you must consider before buying a tote bag. 

You must choose a bag made of high-quality material and comes with leather and is also water-resistant. All the bags in our lists are high-quality material; you can choose anyone you think fits your needs.


No one likes to carry your bag that exposes all its essentials to harm or makes it vulnerable to thieves. That’s why you must select a bag that comes with a sturdy zipper. There are so many bags in the market they don’t have super. There must be a way to choose such a tote bag.

Comfortable shoulder straps

The shoulder straps must be adjustable and comfortable so that you can adjust them as per your needs. In our list, all the tote bags come with adjustable straps and also offer maximum comfort.

Expert Choice: Top 10 Best Tote Bags For College Students

Best Tote Bags For College Students

1. YALUXE Tote Bag For Women

Nylon Shoulder Bag


Dimensions: 14.96″(38cm) x 4.92″(12.5cm) x 11.81″(30cm) | Laptop Size: 15.6″ | Special Tag: Casual | Pattern: Solid | Closure Type: Zipper Closure | Material: Nylon | Product Type: Tote


Plenty of storage can easily carry laptops, purses, notebooks

Waterproof and durable

Stylish and sturdy design


It doesn’t have a laptop sleeve and cup holder

It doesn’t have an exterior pocket

If you’re looking for an adorable, sturdy, and affordable bag that is large enough to hold more than just a few things, the YALUXE Tote for Women is an ideal pick for you. 

It is one of the most trendy tote bags in the market that fits everything you need, effortlessly to commute with, on the subway, and in the busiest places.

Yaluxe Nylon leather tote bag is a super-stylish that sports a minimalist yet sturdy design. It comes in six two-color combinations, where the bag has one color; the handles have another one. The palette has calm tones and fantastic patterns, which look great with all your clothing styles.

Trust me; it is the most stylish tote bag for the university that you might have seen so far!

This Yaluxe bag features plenty of storage and lots of compartments; each one is perfect for a specific category of things.

It has a large central section that easily fits your laptop up to 14-inch and still has extra room for carrying your notebooks.

Furthermore, you can put in other stuff such as a bottle of water, an umbrella, purse, makeup kits, and so on. The Yaluxe tote bag also has three inside pockets for keeping small items.

I love stitching, which is impressive; if you need a professional tote bag without spending too much money, go for Yaluxe. This bag is waterproof, which will protect all your classwork and digital items such as laptops, notepads, and cell phones even in the rain. It even has a zipper for extra security; it will allow you to close the pouch and hold your essentials protected from the rain.

The only downside is the lack of a tablet/laptop sleeve and a cup holder, so your laptop might have scratches with the model.

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Best Tote Bags For College Students

2. ZYSUN Laptop Tote Bag

Awesome Gifts for Women


Dimensions: 15.3″ W x 4.5″ D x 12.8″ H | Laptop and Notebook Size: 15.6″ | Special Tag: Casual | Pattern: Solid | Closure Type: Zipper Closure | Material: PU Leather | Product Type: Tote



Elegant colors

Durable and study design

Plenty of storage and multiple compartments


Not waterproof

If you are looking for the best tote bag that comes with plenty of storage to hold all your essentials and is light enough to carry to your school easily, you’ll love the ZYSUN Laptop Tote Bag. 

This ZYSUN Tote bag has high-quality material such as faux leather. Also, it is large enough to carry all your essentials, and the best thing is it only weighs under pounds. You can take all your school Notebook laptops, another belonging that you may need throughout the day.

You will be excited to find that this shoulder bag is very lightweight, sleek, and durable. It allows you to carry a 15.6-inch laptop very easily.  ZYSUN features four main compartments and a big inside zip pocket.

It furthermore has two multi-function sections for keeping your cell phones and smaller items.

The size is excellent and comes with very comfortable straps; you can easily adjust the length of straps as it is adjustable and can adapt according to their needs.

You will be surprised to find out that the exterior can quickly wipe clean easily and has the zip-top closure to keep all your stuff secure.

This ZYSUN bag has a streamlined design with faux leather that comes with gray tone fantastic patterns precision stitching, which looks great with all clothing styles.

It is just for school bags and for different occasions; it seems to be a perfect size to carry your essentials to the office with style and ideal size for days on the go.

Even if you are rushing to your school and commuting on the Subway, don’t worry; you can put it under the seat.

If you are looking for tote bags for college books, which are both elegant and fashionable, sturdy in design, and great for use in the school office or the business meeting, then ZYSUN is the best choice for you.

The quilted Tote bag comes in six adorable colors and beautiful patterns, including Red, Gray, Coffee, Black, Mint Green, and Brown. Although this tote bag is not waterproof, it is weather-resistant, so it is good to use in harsh weather.

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Best Tote Bags For College Students

3. CHICECO Travel Bag

Women Extra Large Work Tote Bag


Dimensions: N/A | Laptop and Notebook Size: 17+ inch laptops | Special Tag: Casual | Pattern: Solid | Closure Type: Zipper Closure | Material: Nylon/ Synthetic Leather | Product Type: Tote


Come comfortable and lightweight

High-quality material and waterproof

Wrinkle-resistant and wear-resistant

Study design and elegant colors


Some customers complain about the quality of the zipper

This fantastic talk tote bag from this fantastic talk to bake from CHICECO will please many students due to its appealing design and elegant clothes. If you are looking for a large tote bag for school books, if you are looking for a large tote bag for school books that is very easy to carry on the busiest subway, then go for it. 

One of the best things that make it most lovable is its lightweight, which will not feel clumsy and cumbersome.

It only weighs 2 pounds. It only weighs 2 pounds, which is perfect for carrying around for the school. CHICECO is one of the highly-praised brands when it comes to making stylish and durable tote bags.

This CHICECO tote bag is large enough to carry all your essentials with ease. It will fit up to a 15-inch laptop very quickly, and at the same time, this fantastic tote bag also looks pretty, making it very trendy among school girls.

No doubt, this tote bag is made with great effort and high-quality material, making it very comfortable. Trust me; it feels great to toss it on your shoulder and not strain it because the straps are sturdy and friendly on this bag. 

One of the most convenient features that you might like very much is a place for keyholders; you can keep other small items. So now, you don’t need to fumble with your key while you are rushing toward business meetings.

The material, of course, is high-quality and waterproof, so going to school in the rainy season wouldn’t be a big issue. All of your essentials are going to be safe and sound inside the bag.

It has high-quality nylon fabric, which is designed to protect all your school essentials. Furthermore, it even comes with a sturdy zipper to close the pouch and keep all your items tucked away from getting lost. 

You will enjoy the fact that this CHICECO tote bag is wrinkle-resistant and wear-resistant. There are a lot of similar tote bags that may encounter some issues such as scuffs or wrinkles over time, but CHICECO will never let you down and does a fabulous job. This bag will stay appealing for a long time, and you’ll enjoy using its full potential.

Overbrooke Reversible Women Tote Bag with Wristlet

4. Overbrooke Reversible Women Tote Bag

A part from its stunning design


Dimensions: 15 x 12.5 x 4.5″ | Laptop and Notebook Size: 15.6 ” | Special Tag: Casual | Pattern: Solid | Closure Type: Zipper Closure | Material: 100% Vegan Leather | Product Type: Tote


Very soft vegan leather, suede much like Jen one later, but much and comfortable.

The pouch allows you to carry your cell phone and other small items

It comes with long handles and has comfortable shoulder straps

Large enough to hold all your stuff


Some people complain about the size

This tote bag from Overbrooke is another excellent option that is worth considering. The Overbrooke tote bag is both elegant and fancy, which is an ideal pick for college students. A part from its stunning design, it is also very convenient to carry around. If you are looking for an adorable tote bag that is also very appealing and easy to take to your school, then this is for you. 

So many people like the minimal and sleek design of the bag so much that they use it for day-to-day use.

It is a very light bag yet large enough to carry all your stuff such as laptops, notepads, notebook wallets, etc., it is reversible, and you can reverse it quickly. 

The reversibility of this bag makes it very convenient, as it does an enormous interior compartment. Like every tote bag, it also has adjustable straps, which are also very comfortable to adjust according to your body size. 

This Overbrooke tote bag features flexible and rigid double-sided high-quality material, simple magnet closure, and a removable coin purse.

The fact is that this bag has the finest vegan leather, which is exceptionally durable, and the handle will never rip off even if you put a lot of heavy stuff inside the bag.

As a mom of two, I highly recommend it because this bag will allow you to carry all your school stuff easily and not put too much strain on you due to comfortable straps.

You have an option to choose from four elegant colors, such as light brown, off-white and brown, red and midnight blue, and tan and coral.

My daughter Anna loves this bag; she commutes to and from school without comfort, she carries her laptop, cell phone, wallet, keys, travel card, and much more. She takes her laptop, cell phone, wallet, keys, travel card, and much more.

Women Lightweight Water Resistant Tote Bag

5. Sunny Snowy 15.6-17 Inch

Women Lightweight Water Resistant Tote Bag


Dimensions: 5.4″L*5.5″W*11.8″H 1.23lb| Laptop and Notebook Size: 15.6 ” | Special Tag: Casual | Pattern: Solid | Closure Type: Zipper Closure | Material: Nylon material,PU leather and polyester lining | Product Type: Tote


Sturdy design, well made

Plenty of storage

Comfortable straps


Not suitable for carrying a Big laptop

Here is another great tote bag that gives an idea of choice for female students. Its beautiful design and soft fabric make it fashionable. The black and gray texture gives a fantastic look to the bag, and it fits all clothing styles.

The tote bag is made of high-quality nylon material polyester lining, PU leather and features a top zipper closure to keep all your ascensions safe and sound. At the same time, the bottom of the bag comes with an extra layer of the finest polyester, which makes it even much sturdier.

Apart from the beautiful design, it has double stitched and very durable water-resistant nylon so that it will let you down even in harsh weather.

The water-resistant lining will keep all your essentials dry, and when I help you clean the bag very quickly. 

This tote bag is not only perfect for carrying to school but also perfect for traveling on the plane as well. It has plenty of storage that allows you to hold all your belongings secure. 

It features a large compartment for books, a notebook, and folders. Furthermore, the bag has wall slide pockets, one zipper layer, and one zipper pocket, which is very helpful for holding documents, keys, cell phones, and phones outside the front pocket.

This laptop tote is effortless to wear on your shoulder, as it has the most comfortable straps that never slip from your shoulder and let you travel without any problem. 

The tote comes in seven different colors; all colors look great with you on clothing styles.

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ZYSUN Laptop Bag For Teachers College Students

6. ZYSUN Laptop Bag

Teachers College Students


Dimensions: 15.35″ W x 5.3″ D x 12.8″ H 1.65 lb | Laptop and Notebook Size: 15-15.6 inch laptops | Special Tag: Casual | Pattern: Solid | Closure Type: Zipper Closure | Material: High-quality Nylon | Product Type: Tote


Very durable tote bag for female student

Plenty of storage and several compartments

Perfect for carrying a laptop up to 15.6 inches

It is one of the most favorite laptop tote bags


Some customers complain that it has a powerful chemical odor of the handles, rims, and brown colored material

This bag comes in four different colors, and you can choose anyone that fits your needs. The ZYSUN laptop bag has high-quality, durable leather and a very structured interior, which helps you carry all essentials in style. 

It is perfect for carrying a 15.6-inch laptop very easily; it has three main sections. One main pocket comes with Velcro straps, which allow you to take your laptop. 

The other two pockets let you carry your A4 document and notebooks. Furthermore, it is one small zipper pocket and two slot pockets for keeping your wallet, cell phone, and essential cards. 

This bag features enormous storage and many pockets to carry all the stuff you need throughout the day. However, not all pockets come with a zipper, so you must organize your stuff smartly.

The main padded compartment helps you protect your iPad and laptop from shocks, while the straps prevent your bag from falling accidentally. The main zipper keeps everything nice and secure inside the bag so that you can take it to your school without any problem.

It is a versatile, elegant bag for school and perfect for college, shopping, dinner, trips, and day-to-day use.

KROSER Laptop Tote Bag - Women Stylish Handbag

7. KROSER Laptop Tote Bag

Women Stylish Handbag


Dimensions: 16.5″x12.8″x5.6″ 1.94 LBS | Laptop and Notebook Size: 15.6 Inch or less | Special Tag: Casual | Pattern: Solid | Closure Type: Zipper Closure | Material: Water-Repellent Nylon and PU leather (Straps) | Product Type: Tote


Can carry up to a 15.6-inch laptop

Very stylish and study design


Lightweight and perfect to use on different occasions


Some users complain that the laptop pocket is a soft fabric which can leave your laptop vulnerable.

If you are a female student looking for a beautiful durable tote bag, you must choose this beautiful KROSER laptop tote bag. It will be your best companion that carries your laptop and other essentials.

You might have seen so many other stylish tote bags, but this one stands out high when it comes to a comfortable laptop bag. 

It looks pretty professional, with an attractive and robust water-resistant material light used in the exterior. At the same time, its interior’s elegant blue fabric gives a much more beautiful color contrast to female students. 

You will love this tote bag as it carries your 15.6-inch laptop and other school essentials that you may need throughout the day very quickly. Despite having loads of stuff inside in this bag, it still doesn’t look bulky. 

Its anti-shock laptop compartment makes sure that your laptop stays safe even if you accidentally drop your tote bag on the way to your school. Furthermore, the bag has plenty of pockets and organizers, which help you keep all your small items within reach so that you can access them very easily whenever you need them.

This lightweight and stylish tote bag can be your perfect companion for your school, business, and other day-to-day uses. Although it is ideal for school, you can also carry it on your travel trips, business meetings, shopping, etc. 

The drop dimension of the strap is 11.5 inches, which is substantially large enough to get over a bulky winter coat or dolman-sleeve jacket. The beautiful blue color looks more appealing with all the clothing styles.

 If you are tired of your previous school bag which was slouching to the side and you weren’t able to close it, then you must go with this KROSER laptop bag, which allows you to carry your notebook, full-size binder, a couple of magazines along with Chapstick, pens, etc., in the pockets. Still, you will have plenty of room to slide your coffee and a bottle of water, and you can quickly zip all of these essentials without any problem. 

So, if you are searching for canvas tote bags for school that would fit your giant laptop and lots of stuff, I recommend you choose this KROSER comfortable and sturdy tote bag.

SMRITI Canvas Tote Bag For Women School Work

8. SMRITI Canvas Tote Bag

Women School Work


Dimensions: 22.8 × 5.9 × 15.4 in 19.7 oz | Laptop and Notebook Size: Use 14″ Laptop but fits 12.9″ iPad Pro | Special Tag: Casual | Pattern: Solid | Closure Type: Zipper Closure | Material: Durable canvas fabric + Bronze hardware + Leather front logo trim | Product Type: Canvas Tote 


Very durable and sturdy design

Fashionable and stylish

Available in six elegant colors

What do you for an affordable price


Some customers say that it disorganized very quickly

SMRITI canvas tote bag features a lovely design that comes with extreme durability and great style. It has bronze hardware and a leather accent for extra durability.

Furthermore, it has double canvas fabric that offers extreme sturdiness and fantastic looks. It has a very appealing design, and you will feel much confident by holding this tote bag that comes in six elegant colors.

There are two inside slip pockets and a zipper pocket, which lets you keep your item well organized. It also has two small exterior pockets that let you hold all the things that let you use them efficiently. While the top of this bag has a zipper and button closure, the zipper doesn’t close entirely across the top.

The best thing about this bag is that it is the most convenient tote bag for school, work, shopping, or even a holiday trip.

You can zip the top of the bag all the way, but you must remember that the canvas fabric isn’t waterproof, and your school essentials may get wet in the rain. 

It is not only suitable for school but it also can be used as a shoulder gym bag. Also, it’s pretty significant like that goes on the shoulder. This tote bag is large enough to hold your school books, plus keys, wallets, water, everything that you might need for the whole day. Indeed, it is sturdy, and the straps are very comfortable.

You will get the best deal; this tote bag comes with high-quality material, study design, perfect size, and looks classier than a standard reusable shopping bag.

The interior pockets are convenient and vary in size; you can commute to your school via subway and zip it to avoid being pickpocketed or losing anything. 

Smriti’s Crossbody bag for college students is available at a very reasonable price. It is the most stylish and attainable tote bag for anyone and perfect for any age.

Dreubea Women’s Soft Leather Handbag Big Capacity Tote Shoulder Crossbody Bag

9. Dreubea Women’s Soft Leather Tote Bag

It looks much more appealing


Dimensions: 12.6″, upper length: 15.4″, height: 10.6″, width: 4.3″. Handle drop: 9.4″ | Laptop and Notebook Size: 13 inch Macbook | Special Tag: Casual | Pattern: Solid | Closure Type: Zipper Closure | Material: Soft PU Leather | Product Type: Tote 


Fashionable and casual tote bag

Plenty of storage and

Study design and high-quality material


A few interior pockets

The Dreubea Women tote bag is fashionable and straightforward yet a sturdy tote bag that is convenient and comfortable to carry all your school essentials. It is one of the best tote bags in the market due to its excellent and unique features.

It can accommodate you to carry all your notebooks, laptop umbrellas, and everything you need throughout the day.

It looks much more appealing, precisely the same as the picture; the size is very reasonable. The description and measurement of the bag are pretty impressive, with excellent stitching.

It features very comfortable straps that let you carry this bag with ease; both of the straps (a long and the smaller one) are adjustable so that you can adjust according to your needs. 

Although it features so many exciting things, two of them are very convenient. The first one is the black lining, the light-colored lining will help you find your items inside the bag very quickly, and the second one is small slip pockets, which are helpful to hold your lipstick and other small items. 

It has enough space to carry your laptop securely; the compartments are perfectly lined and very soft to protect your laptops and other digital devices from scratches and accidental shocks. 

The Dreubea comes with very sturdy and comfortable handles. At the same time, the overall material is very high-quality; this bag has soft PU leather lining, and the zipper is much smoother than other similar brands.

Aleah Wear Shoulder Tote Bag Purse Handbag For Women

10. Aleah Wear Shoulder Tote Bag

Purse Handbag for Women


Dimensions: 15″ L X 16″ H X 5″ W with 12″ PU Leather Handle straps | Laptop and Notebook Size: 15″ Laptop – 10.1″ tablets | Special Tag: Casual | Pattern: Solid | Closure Type: Zipper Closure | Material: Soft PU Leather | Product Type: Tote 


Easy to carry and to clean

Easy to maintenance

Or you can take your oversized items such as magazine tablets, books, and daily planners.


The bag can only let you carry a 10-inch laptop, so this is not good for you if you have a large notebook.

Although Aleah is the last tote bag on our list, it is one of our chart’s top and best tote bags. If you are looking for a large tote bag for school books that is also fashionable and perfect for day-to-day use, then Aleah wears a shoulder tote bag is an ideal pick for you.

The PU leather is pretty convenient when it’s come to cleaning and maintaining the bag. 

It features a lot of space that can hold all of your essentials safely. It comes with two open pockets that are great for keeping large items such as laptops, while the zipper compartment is for keeping other small items such as cell phones, wallets, etc.

This tote bag has comfortable straps and handles, so if you don’t want to carry the bag by its handle, you can toss it on your shoulder using straps. 

Use it for school, work, gym, shopping, business meetings, and even holiday trips like other bags off our list.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Are tote bags good for college?

Yes, tote bags are perfect for college; they are made of high-quality material and offer maximum comfort. They come with plenty of storage to carry all your books, laptop, and other essentials that you might need for the whole day.

Are tote bags fashionable?

Yes, of course, what else could be more fashionable than a tote bag? Female students love to carry tote bags to school because they are much more comfortable and trendy to carry than standard bags.

Should I get a backpack or tote bag for college?

Well, it depends if you like to commute with style, and then go for a tote bag, but if you choose to move bulky stuff, then standard backpacks are for you. I personally love to carry a tote bag because it is most comfortable, stylish, and easy to take a tote bag than a backpack.

What do I do with all the tote bags?

Tote bag helps you to carry all your stuff in style; you can take all your essentials in your tote bag. It is also very comfortable to commute, especially when you are rushing to your school in the subway or busiest places.

Does Target sell tote bags?

Yes, Target does. Target is the most famous brand when it comes to providing durable and stylish tote bags for ladies.

• YALUXE Tote for Women
• ZYSUN Laptop Tote Bag
• CHICECO Travel Bag
• Overbrooke Reversible Tote Bag
• ZYSUN Laptop Bag
• KROSER Laptop Tote bag
• SMRITI Canvas Tote Bag
• Dreubea Women’s Soft Leather tote bag
• Aleah Wear Shoulder Tote Bag

Final Words

We have come with a list of that based on research, customer reviews, and product descriptions. We tried our best to develop a list that has durable, stylish, and comfortable tote bags. 

After reading the post, you will be able to select a tote bag that is durable and stylish. All the bags in our list are made of high-quality material and will help you carry your stuff securely and in style.

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