Best Hiking Backpack For Petite Female (In-Depth Guide & Review)

Best Hiking Backpack For Petite Female (In-Depth Guide & Review)

The appearance on this website indicates that you want to purchase the best hiking backpack for petite females for yourself or your loved ones.

Are you searching for the best hiking backpack for a petite women? Welcome as you are in the right spot.

A few days ago I was exactly facing the same issue and after proper research, I bought the best hiking backpack according to my need. In order to get the fundamentals of what to look for in a pack, I strongly suggest reading it.

As I am just 5’1 tall with broad shoulders and short physical structure and I traveled a lot around the world so I need a feasible and well-carrying backpack that I am carrying with ease.

So I am searching for a backpack according to my height and torso. It’s complicated to find such a vast dimension backpack for a tiny woman.

Before I tell you about the best bags for small women, I want to tell you about petite women.

Quick Review

  • (Highly Ventilated and Comfortable): Osprey Renn 65 “Its black and Maroon hue looks fantastic and can stash a 15-inch laptop bag. Nevertheless, there’s ample space for books, and the entire back makes it easy to bear all day long.” [Full Review]
  • (Affordable with 5 Star): Osprey Sirrus 36 “Reliable, secure, and affordable. These would be the right words to identify this backpack from an osprey. That’s our best holding space, and it’s easy to use with its breathable and padded straps. ” [Full Review]
  • (Breathable Powerful): Osprey Kyte 36 “To go camping or to the gym, then this could be the backpack for you. There’s absolutely nothing you can’t carry in it, with wide pockets all over this backpack.” [Full Review]
  • (Best Sellers with High Price): Gregory Mountain Deva 70 “The 3D hip and shoulder belt increase comfort for the best-selling brand with a high price, and the internal wishbone frame keeps the bag in shape.” [Full Review]
  • (Easy Adjustable): Osprey Tempest 40 “The adjustable shoulder straps with stretch mesh pockets provide ample storage for small items and water bottles. ” [Full Review]
  • (Cheap and Strong): Deuter ACT Trail 30 “A durable bag with a low price provides a front zipper that allows easy access to the needy items.” [Full Review]
  • (100% Polyamide): Deuter Trans Alpine 30 “It is made with 100% polyamide and specially designed for bike riders who require a portable, rugged pack with a secure fit and well-ventilated back for multi-drawn road trips.” [Full Review]

In a hurry? consider the quick pick

Among all these petite backpacks, the delicate and multi-tasker bag is the Osprey Sirrus 36 Women’s Hiking Backpack which is well designed according to the torso of petite females. A lightweight pack with attractive and affordable price on amazon gives you an incredible offer that you can’t stop yourself without buying it. So don’t waste your time and take advantage of this offer.

What is Petite?

Petite indicates height not weight. Generally, people think that a petite symbolizes a very thin woman but the reality is that a petite is not a symbolized weight. It represents a height.

What is Petite?
Image Source: Jeetly

What is Petite Size?

Small women come in all structures and sizes. Petite represents size but not weight. Here is a size chart to show the sizes of petite and standard women.

Size (Alpha)US/CanadaEurope
PetiteXXS / XS / S00 – 630 – 38
StandardM / L / XL8 – 1640 – 48
What is Petite Size?
Image Source: StitchFix

What is Petite Height?

Petite symbolizes height but not weight If a woman or girl’s height is under 5’3 then she is a petite woman. Petite height is under 4 feet to 5 feet 3 inches.

Here we show the chart to compare between a petite, a standard and a tall woman.

Height / MetersHeight / Feet
Petite1.63 or shorter5′ 3″ or shorter
Standard1.64 or taller5′ 4″ or taller
Tall1.73 or taller5′ 7″ or taller

You will get the entire reference in this article for choosing a backpack for a petite female. Here we guide you to purchase the best bag for small women.

What is Petite Height?
Image Source: Sbcc-Patterns

What should we need to know to buy a backpack for a petite woman?

When you are forward-looking for the best bag for petite women then it is very important to know numerous facts. Otherwise, you can make a mistake like me. Before this, I did not know how to buy a small backpack.

I was buying a lightweight, a big one and a small one bag which did not fit my type of torso. I purchased them because it was low in price.

As you know everyone realizes that it is important to select the right bag. That’s why you choose the right backpack. When you choose a right bag it makes your journey more comfortable, more enjoyable, and less stressful.

As I mentioned earlier that I am 5 feet 1inches in height and my weight is almost 42 kgs. I show my measurements below, you can see how tiny I am and with this height how many challenges I faced for choosing the right backpack.

Best Hiking Backpack For Petite Female
Image Source: Her Packing List

We all search for various items in backpacks according to our needs. Furthermore, a few items that are vital, when you are so small.

Longitude Of The Torso

In a lot of women, a torso length is in different sizes whether they are petite. It’s important before you buy a bag you should measure your torso so that you know what type of backpack is fit according to your torso.

The torso is the part of your body that starts with your shoulders and ends up to your hips so you need to measure them from shoulders to hips.

According to my height, my torso is 42cm, so small backpacks suit me according to my torso longitude. I look mostly at hiking backpacks because there is more variety in hiking bags and they are super comfortable.

Always choose a backpack that is comfortable and has a lot of capacity to store your things in it. On the basis of your torso, you can find a backpack, which is fit and useful according to your torso longitude.

Now here I show you my torso length in the picture below. Check it out and get an idea of where torsi length starts and where it ends.

hiking backpack for petite female
Image Source: Her Packing List

If you are a female with a small torso then you should go with a small backpack. All bags are not back-friendly according to your torso. Most travel backpacks for women are box-sized who fulfill your airline needs and accommodations and you can easily carry them for your traveling.

Shoulder Straps and Back Panels

Females body shape is different from men so bags are designed for women with narrower shoulder straps and hip belts are built according to the female curved body who can easily adjust within the small scale dimension of women.

Small backpacks for petite women will be designed who carry a lot more weight with the wider space. These variations in fit and size also make a particular design of a female more relaxed and effectively support than a model of a male or unisex model. 

When you record miles, these changes all make a huge difference. Because, when you travel or hike you need a backpack with comfortable shoulder straps and back panels.

Petite backpacks have a narrower width to fit perfectly on our shorter shoulders, so even if you’re a small woman, smaller backpacks have the correct width of the shoulder. 

Regarding the shoulder belts, most appropriate women’s backpacks have cushions with adjusting straps on the top, middle and bottom. Try it to see how quickly you can change it, just how handy you are when trying a luggage kit. 

The backpack might not be a good match for you if it is too rigid to walk around or you feel the tension on your shoulder skirts. They are usually narrow in the chest as well as in female’s bags.

Hip Harness and Width of Belt

The hip harness is the next significant thing to look for. While they do not appear to perform much of a role, it is highly recommended to roll up the hip belt. It equals the load distribution and encourages freedom of movement.

 With the exception of men’s backpacks, women’s backpacks typically include hip straps customized to support a woman’s hips and sizes.

You’re going to wear the bag on the hip. If you have your hips slightly wider, it is not a challenge to bear the load. But if you have wide or narrow hips, the hip belts allow you to bear the weight. As they will feel easy on the body, go with the padded version.

You do not need to think about hip belts on a backpack if you just have a daypack or not planning on bringing something large. I’m searching for hip belt bags, specifically, because they take the weight away from my shoulders. You just ought to be safe and fit to bear this burden too  

According to my body weight, I need a backpack with hip belts.  That doesn’t sound much to the ordinary citizen, some airlines offer to carry your baggage to yourself. I realize that being a smaller woman your dresses are also in small sizes, but there are other parts of equipment that don’t change. 

Since I take cheap budget airlines and that seems to be a standard carry-on limit, I typically pick up a 7kg pack. A 7-kg bag weighs nothing for a lot of people as I know. It’s heavy for me, after an hour of wandering around my hotel.

Waist Belts

In lots of backpacks, there is some confusion for people in the hip belts and waist belts. All are not the same but for small women backpacks, there is not much difference. In most bags, you can see a lot of belts so it is up to you, how you can divide these belts or straps.

In many hiking backpacks there are no hip belts but rather than waist belts. These two are different things and there is a difference between them. The waist belts are mostly thin and not as comfortable as hip belts.

The waist belt does not endure the heavyweight of the backpack, But a short woman with a short torso does not matter the waist belt and hip belt because the weight is divided in between two belts.


There is another fact that most females see the capability in backpacks. Capability is a more important fact in a small backpack because as a petite woman you want more capacity in your backpack that bags are small and as a small female, you want more space in bags, for the purpose to store your all needed items in it.

Capability seems like an obvious decision as a petite and slim woman. I’m not able to hold a lot, so I don’t need a large pack. Many of the amazing features of flexible torsos and hip belts, however, are only seen in bigger backpacks of greater size. 

For me, this is one of the truly annoying things. In order to get a fully flexible kit with a padded hip belt, the bag must be at least 55L.

You may be able to find adjustable harnesses or different size bags as you get into the 40L range, but typically required hip belts and some padded hip belts are.

A mesh or breathable hip belt with a fixed harness size will then become the norm in the 30L range.

I am not one of them, but there are a number of 42kg ladies who can bear half their body weight and carry a 60L bag across the globe. 

I agree that petite ladies can realistically aim for bags of about 40L. Anything bigger suggests that it’s getting too high. Look for a bag that is about 28-34L for light packers like me.

Light Weighted Backpacks

You might be tempted to get an ultra light backpack for women as an attempt to get the base weight down. This is always a bad idea, though, women’s small hiking backpacks are not as convenient nor as effective at moving the load to your hips.

This load transition is quite important as a petite lady! It’s safer to get a pack that weighs 1 pound heavier but helps your average load feel 10 lbs lighter.

Remember how heavy you are carrying when you look at pack weight. Are you somebody who wants additional products of luxury?

If you have an older sleeping pad or a tent that takes up a lot of space? Will this bag be used for backcountry climbing missions? Or, have you got the ultra-light bug and cut off every privilege and ounce you can? You feel fine mentally and physically cutting weight in your kit, but your pack should be one of the last areas where you trim ounces.

If it is the correct size for you and is filled within its optimum carrying capacity, a comparatively heavy pack will feel lighter than one of the featherweight versions.

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Best Hiking Backpack for Petite Female

It’s time to find out about the right backpacks for tiny women after remembering all the specs and stuff to remember before purchasing. I analyzed the most recommended backpacks by the most famous companies in depth.

Here are detailed reviews for women small backpacks.

Osprey Renn 65 Women's Backpacking Backpack

Osprey Renn 65

Women’s Backpacking Backpack


Liter Capacity (liters): 65 | Pack Weight (lbs): 3.52 | Load Range (lbs): 30-40 | Removeable Raincover: Yes | Adjustable AirSpeed Suspension: Yes | Fixed Top Lid Pocket: Yes | Zippered Hipbelt Pockets: Yes


Extremely ventilated and convenient back panel

Dual compression straps, top, and bottom

Sleeping bag with floating separator zippered

Sleeping paddle braces removable

Hand pockets with dual mesh


It’s too big

The 59 must-have been tiny enough

When it comes to the best bags around the world, Osprey has been a top contender. Osprey bags are considered for high prices, but if you are looking at superb quality backpacks, then the price does not matter for you, because you invested at the right place.

Osprey Renn 65 Women’s Backpacking Backpack has an outstanding quality, plenty of space, and amid high use, lasts for several years. I would suggest that you make some tries and buy these Osprey backpacks.

To build a perfect pack for women on their first or fiftieth backpacking journey, we put our heads together. The Renn 65, a lightweight but sturdy ventilated pack with many of the quality features that you equate with Osprey, was created. 

With uniquely formed and contoured shoulder straps and hip belt, thoughtfully designed to match the anatomy of a woman. The flexible back panel structure helps you to fit the pack to the length of your torso.

Osprey Sirrus 36 Women's Hiking Backpack

Osprey Sirrus 36

Women’s Hiking Backpack


Zippered Sleeping Bag Compartment: Yes | Ice Tool Loop: Yes | Internal Hydration Reservoir Sleeve: Yes | Removable Top Lid: NO | Side Panel Zip Access: Yes | Dimensions: ‎26 x 12 x 12 inches | Weight: 2.5 Pounds | Sport Type: ‎Camping & Hiking


Integrated shelter for rain

S-shaped strap for the back

Pole Connection Stow-On-The-Go

Suspension by airspeed


So small for long term travel

A short UL female backpacker recommended to me the Osprey Sirrus 36. For most multi-day backpacking trips, keep in mind that this pack is going to be way too thin. It’s going to be too high for day hiking as well.

It’s fine, though, for women who go limited on their trips and have lightweight equipment. It is also known as a Women’s lightweight backpack.    

Its well-designed frame is what makes the Sirrus such a nice pack. Although the pack is so lightweight, the frame is very strong and does a decent job of shifting weight down to the hips. 

The weight rests securely right where it should be because the hip belt on the Sirrus is built for the curvier form of a woman. It adds even more comfort to the suspended back panel.

The weight in the pack ends up looking even smaller than it actually is, several women say. On the Sirrus, you can change the length of the torso up to 13 inches, one of the shortest available torso lengths on any female rucksack. Generally, if your body is under 14 inches, you must have a youth kit!

There are already plenty of features in it, given that this pack is under 3lbs. Which includes 7 pockets: two side pockets that can accommodate large water bottles, two huge pockets for the hip belt, two compartments for the lid, and one outside pocket for the zipper.

It is also known as a backpack with a water bottle holder. Hiking poles or an ice pick are connected, as well as interchangeable belts to secure a sleeping bag outside your backpack. From the top, the bottom, or a side access screen, you can access gear.

It’s a really hard task to find a backpack for small women. Only one thing in this backpack is bad that it is too small for those who travel for long trips and hiking. Although it’s affordable for everyone seems very small.

Osprey Kyte 36 Women's Hiking Backpack

Osprey Kyte 36

Women’s Hiking Backpack


Dimensions: ‎13 x 13 x 28 inches | Weight: ‎3.05 Pounds | Size: ‎X-Small/ Small | Sport Type: ‎Trekking | Adjustable Torso Harness: Yes | Stretch Mesh/Waterbottle Side Pockets: Yes | Integrated Raincover: Yes | Sleeping Bag/Lower Compartment: Yes


Unique size and fitness

Breathable curved foam back panel

Zippered mashed pockets

External sleeve preserver

Compatible waterproof raincoat


Bit Pricey

Osprey Kyte 36 is another of the top small backpacks for women. Osprey is proud of its revolutionary suspension design, lightweight vector graphics, highest level accessibility, and a special zipper pouch sleeping bag compartment with additional sleeping pad belts.

A dual style backpack is used for a daypack and an overnight bag. For petite ladies, it’s a little wider, even if you have a small torso, but not one that you can’t manage. There are a lot of backpacks for females like this.

According to the size of this backpack, it can also be used for outdoor activities in daily usage or trial usage. As its size is small, it can easily carry anywhere or everywhere.

The well-ventilated AirScape builds models with versatile brace helps you to precisely tune the torso length to match your unique height and gives you all-day ease. Designed with durable nylon textiles and complies with the quality specifications of Osprey.

Gregory Mountain Products Women's Deva 70

Gregory Mountain

Products Women’s Deva 70


Dimensions: ‎23.23 x 15.75 x 9.06 inches | Weight: ‎5.22 Pounds | Size: ‎X-Small | Sport Type: ‎Trekking, Hiking


S-shaped shoulder straps for bust adaptation

For Shorter torso

Hip harness angled to match the steeper hips of a woman

Detachable hydration sleeve


The pocket of the water bottle is odd

Gregory is one of the makers of backpacks that specifically produce packs special for women. Yes, a lot of companies suggest their packs are for ladies, but they’re really just shortened variants of the male’s packs.

Although a lot of women’s packs are made by Gregory, this is my choice. Around 4 1/2 lbs. It’s indeed on the defensive side, but the suspension mechanism lets you feel like you’re bearing less weight than you actually are.

Gregory mountain backpack is also for a girl hiking backpack. Those girls who are fond of hiking on mountains,this is the best choice for them.

The Deva has 9 external pockets for the organization. There are three of these in the top, three in the front of the bag, two in the hip belt, and just one on each of the gear’s sides. A top pocket or a wide U-shaped front panel pocket allows you to reach tools.

The Deva is big enough for your entire equipment, including a bear canister, as 70L. The highest carrying weight is 50lbs, which is enough for long on through.

Osprey Tempest 40 Women's Hiking Backpack

Osprey Tempest 40

Women’s Hiking Backpack


Dimensions: 25 x 12 x 12 inches | Weight: ‎1.08 Kilograms | Size: ‎Small/Medium | Sport Type: ‎Trekking, Hiking | Stow-on-the-Go Pole Attachment: Yes | Dual Ice Tool Loops: Yes | Sleeping Bag Access: Yes


Adjustable shoulder straps

Perfect fit

Stretch mesh pockets

Two zipper hip belt pockets

Attached sleeping bag

Air Airscape back panel


Unreachable pockets for water bottles

There is another series of osprey tempest 40 hiking backpack. The more recent Tempest series is another backpack close to the Fairview line, and the 40L capacity is suitable for daily backpacking and lightweight multi-day vacations. 

Such key elements like pack up for putting hiking sticks, bio flexible brace, and consistent cover hip belt with a stainless steel frame that hugs the body is one of the few best backpacks for small women like most of us. 

Osprey Tempest 40 even comes with Sleeping Bag Entry, and the top-lid can also be removed, which will then allow this carry-on baggage backpack.

The size of this backpack is 40L and there is so much space in it, to keep our important items and things in it. It would not be wrong to say that, this bag is a backpacking game changer. Depending on its size, It can hold many of your items.

Deuter ACT Trail 30 Hiking Backpack

Deuter ACT Trail 30

TRAIL 30 Hiking Backpack


Perfect For: For alpinists and hikers who value a rugged pack that fits close to the body | Dimensions: H 24 x W 13 x D 8 in | Weight: 2 lbs. 10 oz.


Made with 100% polyester

Clouser of zipper

System of air contact

Frame of Delrin

Outer pockets

Zipper of front access


Not especially for females

Now we introduce another brand of backpacks, the Deuter. It’s also one of the best brands in backpacks. Deuter Act trail 30 hiking backpack is also a concealed carry sling bag.

The German business, based in Europe, Deuter, is best suited for women in the ACT and FOX series but has no women’s backpacks clearly categorized. This is a German company established in Europe.

It’s manufactured unisex backpacks for both men and women. They do not design bags, particularly for women. But their bags are of good quality and level of comfort, so women can also use these backpacks and the pattern of these bags also fit on the torso, of small females.

The Deuter ACT Trail 30 hiking pack has an energetic look and feel at just 2lb 10oz. This pack is great for day hikers searching for something that really fits, from its foldaway mesh hip belt to the U-shape zip for quick entry, and super supportive Air Contact back system.

The ACT Trail, designed for mobility, makes the move a breeze from trail to town. Ergonomic buckled nylon hip fins provide the optimal match for the camper, or they can be conveniently placed on a sleek silhouette in the Deuter Hip Fin Garage, which would not snag you as you hike through city crowds.

Look gorgeous with an outstanding delivery of suit and even load. Via advanced drainage and stability features, Deuter back systems are designed to lighten heavy loads that hold the load close to the body.

 Tailored load shift to the waist to ease the back and shoulders, special attention to ergonomics warrants a body-hugging and precise fit.

Deuter Trans Alpine 30 Backpack

Deuter Trans Alpine 30

Backpack for multi-day bike trips


Dimensions: ‎21.26 x 11.02 x 9.45 inches | Weight: 1230 Grams | Outer Material: ‎Synthetic | Sport Type: Bags


Made with 100% polyamide

Specially designed for bikers

Removable rain cover

Airstrips padding

Water repellent

3m reflectors


Does not have a rigid frame

More new and more adaptable, Trans Alpine is on tour now. Thinner. Not just a shield, but even shopping and even more is stashed in the front mesh pocket. The cell phone case is readily available without the need to cut the backpack.

Wide zip loops allow the front and lower pockets highly available and the organizer pockets mean that you still have an outline. 

Thanks to the elevated degree of the three-zone cover on the back and the compact fit of the hip ribs, which are set deep inside, the Trans-Alpine has been wearing comfort for years.

It is specially designed for bikers because it is a lightweight bag to carry outside and multi-day trips. According to its lightweight quality, we carry it with ease. It also has a rain cover inside in pocket with a big compartment.

Along with airstrips padding ventilation, this bag looks more useful and free circulation of air on the back. It is also one bag of backpacking backpacks women.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

1. What is the best small backpack?

All hiking backpacks are good enough, but the osprey backpacks are the best and of fine quality.

2. What is the best size backpack for a day hike?

For most day trips and hiking we need a 21 to 35-liter backpack. This is enough to carry food, clothes, and a few extra including a camera and a paperback.

The larger packages are perfect for long trips requiring extra clothing and equipment such as mountain biking, rock climbing, or non-summer hiking.

3. What are the 10 hiking essential items?

The 10 hiking essential items we need are:
1. Navigation map
2. Sun protection equipment
3. First aid kit
4. A kit for gear repair
5. Matches and lighters
6. Refugee camp
7. Additional food
8. Extra water 
9. Extra clothes
10. Headlamp

4. For a 3-5 day hike, how big a backpack do I need?

Multiservice (3-5 nights; 50-80 liters)

These are the most popular REI backpacks and an excellent option for 3 or more days of warm-weather trips. 50-80 liter packs for backcountry and day trips and often for two-night excursions are often used

Outcome Inference

If you are a petite female looking for a backpack,you do not need to give up hope. As you have seen, I reviewed the best hiking backpack for petite female, so you can easily choose the right one bag for you.

After defining your travel style, your torso longitude, and pack specifications, try various styles of backpacks. 

It is better to roughly fill the backpack with baggage so that you can carry it to see how you are feeling. There’s absolutely nothing you can’t carry in it, with wide pockets all over this backpack.

I hope you find my review based article very helpful. This article is for the reference guideline, sure to bookmark.

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