7 Best Backpack For MacBook pro 13 inch Updated Review 2021

7 Best Backpack For MacBook pro 13 inch Updated Review 2021

MacBook backpacks are the most unique and safest bags to carry your laptop securely and comfortably. Best backpack for MacBook pro 13 inch, are very appropriate and valuable for daily use.

A laptop designed to be portable is the MacBook Pro, so it’s no surprise you’re going to carry it with you everywhere you want to go.

No matter how convenient it is to move your MacBook securely and comfortably, if it is in your carry-on baggage for a trip out of the country or even in your backpack as you ride to work.

It’s a regular requirement, and we’ll show you how to decide which laptop backpack is better for you in this shopping guide, based on your needs and whether you are using a 13-inch MacBook.

Although all bags are pragmatic, we have been selective about those bags that suit our unique requirements. These bags protect your MacBook on rainy treks. Whereas on the other hand stands out for making you grab your stuff quickly.

 I deny carrying my laptop anything else because it hurt my back and shoulders. Backpacks for MacBook Pro are very feasible to carry your laptop because its padded compartments and other sections will support you to carry your laptop with all ease.

Editor’s Pick – Backpack for MacBook Pro 13 inch

  • Fjällräven Unisex Kånken: I see this brand sold in all famous stores. Its designated compartment carries up to a 15-inch laptop, including a key storage area and three other pockets. Loads of beautiful colors you can pick from are a big part of its charm.
  • Thule EnRoute Laptop Backpack: Due to its ease of laptop entry, its elastic mesh flask pocket, and its shatter goggles pocket, the Thule EnRoute Backpack practically entered our list as a street fighter’s backpack marathoner.
  • Kipling Women’s Seoul Backpack: This backpack is large enough to carry all your items and travel like a high school backpack. It looks like a stylish and fashionable small backpack. It seems in a different variety of colors.

Who Needs to have it?

Now the question is this, which type of people needs laptop bags? In today’s busy world, people are very engaged in their lives, so they need to travel from one place to another, or go to schools, colleges, and offices.

 They carried with them laptops and MacBooks. That’s the reason they need laptop bags for MacBook Pro 13 inch. It will protect your MacBook from all weather conditions and all circumstances. In such a manner, you need this bag.

Why should you buy a backpack for a MacBook pro 13 inch?

Before you buy a backpack for your MacBook, in that case, you must know all features of backpacks. Thus we mention some features of a backpack for MacBook Pro 13.

Here are some characteristics of the backpack:

Water resistance

Whenever you want to buy a backpack for a MacBook Pro, you must examine the factor of water resistance. It is a really important factor since the bag is waterproof, so your MacBook is safe from rain.

MacBook air backpack must have the capability to observe the water and protect the laptop or MacBook from all weather elements.

When your bag is waterproof, then you do not have any fear of going out. You can go anywhere without worry to take your MacBook with you safely and sound.

 In this way, you can be taking your MacBook along with you whenever you are in an awful weather condition.


Another aspect of the MacBook air backpack is dustproof. It is a very relevant component in bags, which is required these days because our climate is very affected by pollution that causes it to generate dust.

It should be dustproof, too, which should most likely be sufficient to endure a crash. It is important that your MacBook is also well insulated from all stimuli and, in the case of an accident, it must be all right.

The Mac backpack is made Dustproof. It is designed of double-dust-seam coating material dustproof, appropriate for dusty conditions. Thanks to the protective fabric cloth, which is put in the backpack to guard against dust.


If I talk about the size of a backpack, It is not just mean that of your Macbook. For example, as incorrect sizing decreases your Mac’s protection, you should aim for a model with the correct size pocket to hold your Mac, but you should also remember what width and size the backpack is generally.

 You ought to decide whether the backpack you want has more than enough capacity for your other things, particularly while you’re seeking to upgrade your preferred approach of carrying necessities to and from work. 

Be sure that all cables, folders, devices, or several other things fit easily inside your chosen backpack.


When you buy a backpack, maybe it is not the first thing you thought came into your mind as long as the weight of the best MacBook pro bag is essential to know.

Although the objects inside are typically the main components to a backpack’s weight. 

Even then, every ounce will start adding up if you fly long distances or have any health issues impacting your backbone. Before determining if it’s good for you, always verify a pack’s weight.


To buy a reliable backpack, you ought to check the bag’s protection level.

Although you can pick up and hold your Mac in any old bag at Goal, it will not come with various protective pockets, function to protect from bumps and scrapes, or specifications especially built to keep your laptop secure.

 Be sure that it provides the amount of effective management and protection capabilities you believe would be appropriate during your ride before buying a backpack.

Supplementary attributes

Were you aware of any backpacks with built-in loaders? What among the ones with anti-theft characteristics?

 Often aim for a backpack that offers a little more comfortable for you. You will not be left in the cold, whether it comes in the form of waterproof padding or extra pockets.

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Speedy Review: Best Backpack for MacBook Pro 13 inch

Now it is time to detailed review the best bag for the MacBook air. Bear in mind that not every MacBook can match every bag here. We used to have a guideline that we would only cover bags that could accommodate the older, huge 17-inch MacBook Pros, but because of the new smaller and thinner MacBook design, we have changed that.

Here we mentioned seven backpacks below:

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Fjällräven Unisex Kånken 13″ Backpack for Everyday

Fjällräven Unisex Kånken 13" Backpack for Everyday

Here we introduce our first backpack for MacBook pro. If you are going for an overnight business trip, there is enough space to grab your things in it. 

Additionally, it looks good and stylish when you take it with you to the office. It also seems classy and keeps your 13inch MacBook in compartment pockets.

 It is durable for water resistance and dust resistance. It’s surface easily cleans dust or stains with tissues or wipes.

 It has a two-way zipper, comfortable shoulder strap and double snap handles for the long journey. It’s robust, eternal, and practical.

There are ample and comfortable interior and exterior organization spots, along with a couple of external water-bottle pockets that are incredibly beneficial and useful as holsters for travel papers, other than a valid ticket or an inspection document.

 It is a personal piece that fits just below your table, but there is a 13-pin laptop, business supplies, clothes change, and a pair of slender shoes or flats.

The middle zippered pocket is big enough to swap clothing, shoes, and a bathroom bag, so you don’t have to transfer those things out of the way to get to your laptop.

 On the front of the pack, the other arranged pockets give you easy access to pens, business cards, accessories, and wires, which would otherwise roll about in the top pocket.

  • Comfortable padded compartments
  • Made with nylon fabric
  • Dirt resistance
  • Water resistance
  • Two-way zipper
  • Reliable
  • Timeless
  • Handy
  • Padded straps were nor removable

Thule EnRoute 13 inch Laptop Backpack

Thule EnRoute 13 inch Laptop Backpack

The Thule Enroute laptop backpack is nicely designed. That’s where you’re putting your goggles; it’s fluffy on the outside, but it’s really big, and you can put your wallet and phone in it.

There is a compartment where you put a Macbook and fit in this pocket. The room is very plain, so only small or thin items can be placed.

 You can still see some light coming from the outside compartment that I left open in one of the pictures from the inside, but the inside layer for that part is not that dense.

There’ss ample space book in the main compartmentk and some accessories like earphones. The underside is like a trapezium, so you can fill it up a little without making it appear bulky. 

A second sleeve wide enough for a 13inch MacBook is also available. Even flatter than the exterior, the inner zipper is the same diameter as the second sleeve. 

The fir is well sized under an airplane bench and leaves foot space. The pocket with a vertical zip in the front swallows tiny objects quickly. The water bottle pockets are unimposing but work well for a huge battery backup.

The bag looks pretty good, well constructed, and very convenient. The collarbone strap doesn’t get things done, although it would be great to have a way to position it on a suitcase handle.

The lined machine pocket suits to bring my big mobile phone and passport, but it’s a tight match.

  • Imported
  • Padded slip pockets for tablet and MacBook
  • Quickly access pockets for cell phones and other small items
  • Interior mesh pockets
  • Water bottle hold pocket
  • Airflow channel
  • Not a big or big sized one

Kipling Women’s Seoul Macbook Air Backpack

Kipling Women's Seoul Macbook Air Backpack

This is a great Kipling Women’s Seoul backpack. It is also a concealed carry sling bag. It is indeed a terrific tiny bag! “It is a “something new” fantastic.

 It is the right size for regular use, sturdy structure, convenient as a purse, but still simple to carry with the top handle. Except for the large slide pockets, the pockets are about perfect – which isn’t much you can fit aside from such a piece of gum or lip gloss in there. 

That pointy pouch is still kind of pointless. It’s very shallow, making at least a mask or maybe a series of keys. All in all, however, in compact form, this is fine, but where you want to pack quite a bit.

It suits Macbook with a bulky shell, but in the padded area, it’s a close fit. It’s intended for a notebook, not a smartphone.

That little backpack which we are all waiting for. Tiny enough to hold food and work things, but not too tiny! It’s kept up for regular use at the workplace and also taken it along for several vacations. It even rained and dried super soon, super fast.

This bag is stylish looking and enhances the personality of its users. 

It is spacious and light in weight. It can be shifted from one position to another quickly.

Keep your things secure & organized in Kipling’s Seoul XL laptop backpack whether you’re going out to school or work. A 15-inch laptop cover, pockets for water drinks, & a front zip pocket with organizers hold items within sight.

It’s more important for Kipling to provide an individual taste than an ideal style. This is why our crumpled nylon bags come in color combinations for girls, teenagers & adolescents, and our fuzzy bunny keychain hanging from the zippers is playful.

  • Laptop defense compartment
  • Elasticated hand pockets
  • Ergonomic, Padded Straps
  • Front zip pocket
  • Water bottle pocket
  • Lightweight
  • Water resistance
  • Much smaller

COR Surf Backpack For Macbook Pro with Padded Laptop Sleeve

COR Surf Backpack For Macbook Pro with Padded Laptop Sleeve

The Cor Surf dry bag suggests that significant harmonically welded fabrics that, complete with a roll-top closing, guarantee their 100% durability and dirtproof authenticity. 

In reality, if you mistakenly drop it into the sea, it can also float securely, so you can be confident that your equipment stays dry during your ventures.

This waterproof backpack dry bag is as ready for the outdoors as you are, with its 25-liter size. Through the snow, storm, rain, hail, rivers, ocean, or on the back of your car, snowmobile, canoe, and other vehicles, you can count on your friend.

 Also, mention that with its padded laptop sleeve interior compartment, it would also make a great school bag and work.

The Cor Surf waterproof bag is extremely durable and highly versatile for sailing, paddle boarding, and other water activities.

 It contains high PVC material for weathering any climate; ergonomic breathable mesh shoulder pads for maximum comfort and sanitary conditions; breast strap guarantees a safe fit; flexible adjustable top brace for carrying big items; translucent strip for a ride safely at night and side pockets of mesh for your water bottle.

It is a very compact Cor Surf waterproof drybag since it could be used as a bike backpack, nighttime bags, traveling bags, sports day backpacks, workout, ride, family vacations. Even for work or education.

 It is also used for tote bags for college. Laptop Cover pocket with enclosed and padded exterior to keep your laptop, cameras, and mobile phone comfortably Search if it’s fallen in water to float safely.

An optional waterproof mesh pocket to hold your water bottles, also known as bottle holder backpack. For enhanced quality in possible weather, each pack is made with a Transparent Cover.

The 13-inch laptop backpack is the Padded back assistance to enable improved balance and reduce muscle pressure with a durable elastic loop strap to hold larger visual reminders of your pack.

 In your life, make it a go-to bag!

  • Mesh side pockets
  • Top adjustable buckle
  • Padded laptop sleeves
  • Closure of rolling hook-and-loop
  • Floats safely in the water
  • Made to withstand the harshest elements
  • Water resistance
  • Dry fast
  • The front pocket is not waterproof

Smatree Semi-Hard and Light Laptop Backpack – Slim and Anti-Shock

Smatree Semi-Hard and Light Laptop Backpack - Slim and Anti-Shock

The smarter semi-hard and light laptop backpack is designed with three separate and different storage containers and many small pockets. Its front pocket can be fitted with regular needs, such as wires, batteries, connectors, cards, and so on. 

So you can put in the middle compartment a 16/ 15.6/ 15.4/ 13.3/11.6 inch laptop. You can put your clothing, books, papers, and so on in the last compartment.

During your ride, the padded back will give you warmth. You’ll feel refreshed on your shoulder with the breathable and flexible straps.

You are made of 600d nylon and Eva high strength, durable, water-repellent, and life long. That hard shell construction can shield your computers and useful products from damage and shock.

You should tie it to the baggage/suitcase with the luggage strap, slip over the luggage erect stick tube for better transport. 

This is very easy to wear; the reinforced belts are incredible, although there is a sensation that the bag is embracing you.

MacBook Pro 13inch laptop bag is Skinny and streamlined. You are transporting your laptop act simply and protectively.

People should bring all of your things in there, and even though it’s full of almost everything, it remains “slim”!

Designing seamless dual clasps helps you to open your laptop and gadgets easily. That baggage harness helps you to match the luggage/suitcase backpack only.

Slip right over the vertical handle pipe of the luggage for fast loading.

  • Slim bag for laptop
  • Dual zippers
  • Baggage strap
  • Durable and slim
  • Three separate compartments
  • Water repellent
  • Unisex backpack
  • Semi-hard
  • Light in weight
  • Anti-shock
  • No padded straps on the bottom

Kensington Triple Trek Slim Bag for MacBook Air

Kensington Triple Trek Slim Bag for MacBook Air

We love the Kensington Triple Trek Slim Backpack. If you still want to carry a whole office valuation of gadgets on your backpack, but you still want something else that makes it look more elegant and fashionable. 

The Kensington has a modernist outer shell, which tends to make it a much less technical bag than the Kensington Authority, even though having that amount of pocketbooks and authority.

Flannel lining storage containers for your MacBook Pro or Macbook Air Chromebook thin tablet smartphone laptops keep lightweight computers coordinated and safe from scratching with ample storage for what you’ll need to stream youtube to the left for dimensions and much more detail.

Secure pockets to cover your precious headphone port makes it much easier to connect to your melodies.

Extendable shoulder sternum strap and convenient grab handle with cushioned back support multiply as a trolley strap are available.

Best laptop backpack Holds your water bottle holder to maintain your visibility at night with hydrated conductive zippers.

It is lightweight in use with gentle zippers. It is a great size and wonderful for airline traveling and daily use for office.

The small pockets of bags are good for small items like cell phones, chargers, USB drives, and so more.

  • Several compartments
  • Accessible Pockets for Accessories
  • Elegant
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Hidden pockets
  • Padded back support
  • Easy to handle
  • Water bottle holder
  • Great demonstration
  • Not big

Tomtoc Laptop Shoulder Bag for 13-inch MacBook Air

Tomtoc Laptop Shoulder Bag for 13-inch MacBook Air

Tomtoc 13 inch laptop shoulder bag is for all like the 13-inch MacBook Air, Macbook Pro, iPad Pro, Surface Pro, Surface Book laptop, the Tomtoc 13 inch laptop shoulder bag is for anyone.

This case is fairly made with some attention to specifics, such as a high-quality zipper, lining for the laptop,iPad section, and a proper shoulder strap with well-chosen clasps.

 It seems to be so sweet and up to date. Includes a different main compartment for your laptop or tablet and a special proprietary front pocket that supports iPad, pen, battery, power supply, mouse, and other professional necessities with wide enough and coordinated room.

At the four sides of the laptop pocket, the bag comes with the original CornerArmor patented invention and includes ultra-thick, fluffy, and safe padding throughout and all around the pocket flap, providing superior defense from damages, crashes, and hits such as the automobile ejection seat.

Water-resistant interior surface & comfortable 3D plum liner for laptop storage made this bag ideal for everyday use, particularly made with top-quality zippers and Reasonable suspicion clasps make this bag an ergonomic backpack.

A detachable and flexible shoulder brace with a supportive shoulder pad for outstanding adjustable support is accepted; the bottom handles and a side handle allow you to comfortably hold your laptop and appliances for a long period.

This bag is all in all in itself. And its main compartment is durable for your laptop and MacBook, and it’s a unique front pocket that is usable for all your items.

 There are many more pockets for accessories like iPad, pen, charger, power cables, note papers, and other important products.

The patent concept of CornerArmor at the four corners of the bag’s laptop compartment prevents your laptop from drops and bumps like the auto airbag during a crash.

The built-in thick, soft 3D foam laptop pockets lining and the thick protective surface across the zipper shield your MacBook from regular crashes and bruises.

  • Several modes of comfortable carrying
  • Safety Superior
  • Width compatibility
  • Safety of CornerArmors
  • It’s all-in-one
  • Initial Creative Layout
  • Compatibility
  • Large organized pockets
  • A bit larger for 12.9 iPad

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is the best case for a MacBook pro 13 inch?

The best case for Macbook pro 13 inch is:

1- The best overall MacBook Pro case Mosiso Hard Plastic Protector
2- LOGIK Black Laptop Sleeve.
3- KECC hardshell case.
4- Roach Felt Laptop Bag.
5- UAG Plasma case
6- Tomtoc Ultra Slim sleeve
7- Annie Shockproof Laptop Hard Case.
8- Mujjo Sleeve

Is it safe to put your MacBook in a bag?

While your laptop is covered in its case, damage to your backpack could also cause problems. Do not overwhelm your backpack.

Handlebars can snap or become broken, and if you add much more weight to it, the top of your bag might tear. Don’t ever weaken and overcrowd your backpack.

Is it worth making a case for a pro MacBook?

Buying a bag, cover, or Snap-On case to cover your much expensive computer is a wise decision. 

There’s no lack of MacBook Pro cases on the marketplace, but that isn’t easy enough to find one that looks fine, defends well, and falls into your budget for many of those from which to choose.

What MacBook is not permitted on a plane?

In August, the Federal Aviation Administration banned some versions of the Apple MacBook Pro from flying.

The ban extends to MacBook Pro 15-inch units mainly sold between September 2015 and February 2017. Apple said that the affected laptops’ battery would overheat, potentially swell or ignite.

What’s the safest way to protect my MacBook pro?

A hard case covers a lot more than a sleeve if the device is mistakenly dropped. The padded sleeve cover is lovely, or you can pick up a pretty good laptop backpack or a versatile case for transportation. The Rigid plastic drop safety case is good.

Summing up

It’s not easy to choose from all the MacBook Pro backpacks, but there is one for every MacBook Pro user. You are safe, whether you are looking for something cheap but practical or an ergonomic backpack.

Bear in mind that a backpack built to suit the 15-inch MacBook Pro can fit the 16-inch MacBook Pro because the measurements are not so different, even though accessories providers do not specify.

Around something, a quarter of an inch in width and a quarter-inch lower is represented by the 16-inch Macbook Pro. The thickness variation is insignificant.

Be sure to check out our MacBook review guide to get the best backpack for MacBook pro 13inch  for your latest MacBook Pro or laptop.

I hope you found this best laptop backpack review will be very beneficial, and you will get the best backpack according to your MacBook and laptops.

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