Best Backpack For Law School

Top 6 Best Backpack for Law School of 2021 [Buyer Guide] + Bonus List

If you decided to start your career in law, you might need a lot of hard work, preparation, dedication, and make sure you also have the best backpack for law school.

Studying in law schools can be overwhelming, as it requires loads of studying, learning, and practicing. Carrying enormous books, research, and spending time at the library desk could be very hassling.

Well, investing in the best law school backpacks is the perfect way to solve this dilemma. Indeed, you need a bag that is large enough to carry all your books, laptops, other essentials, and at the same time, very comfy and provide excellent durability.

You’ll get really into using these law school backpacks every day when you start working in the office. Using one of these law backpacks might be the best way to carry all your essentials, such as a book for the commute, laptop, lunch, etc, without hurting your shoulder.

You might be thinking why you should carry only a law school backpack?

Because it fits everything you need for your busy day in a much better way, without being bulkier, which becomes very difficult to carry. It lets you carry laptops, tablets, books, with ease and seems very appealing, and improves your overall style.

There are many brands in the market; it might be hard to select the best one, but don’t worry, this article will help you with choosing the perfect backpack for law school. Our top picks on this page will let you commute very easily between office, gym, and after-works plans.

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15.3 x 19.7 x 5.4 inches

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17.3 x 5.9 x 13.7 inches

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11.81 x 16.14 x 5.91 inches

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17.12 x 9.5 x 14 inches

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1- Herschel Little America Best Backpack for Law School Editor Choice

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  • Enormous room to carry your essentials
  • High-quality material and excellent durability
  • Comfortable padded
  • Laptop sleeve
  • Polyester lining
  • This bag isn’t waterproof

The Herschel Little America backpack is one of the best law schoolbags designed to carry all your essentials; it looks very appealing and available at a very affordable price.

We put it as top choices because of its enormous space, excellent durability, and look much more appealing than you expected.

You’ll don’t like to carry a hiking backpack to your law school, don’t you?

Yes, it doesn’t make sense; rather, you will love a backpack that comes with a laptop sleeve, lined and padded with fleece for comfortable travel, which also has easy pocket access and is ideal for storing your belongings.

This Herschel law school backpack comes with contoured and padded shoulder straps, which provides maximum comfort to your shoulder while you commute to school or office.

It features plenty of space and pockets; it can carry three textbooks, a laptop, a binder, your winter coat, launch, and much more space to carry other stuff.

Furthermore, it comes with soft padding on the arm straps, which make it very comfy to wear it for a long time and feel good, even carrying loads of stuff.

Herschel Little America backpack has two small pockets on the sides that help you to hold your small items such as sunglasses, cell phone, etc.

2- High Sierra Elite Laptop Best Backpack for Law School Large Laptop

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  • Plenty of storages and pockets
  • You can carry up to 17″ laptop
  • Sturdy and versatile
  • Doesn’t has a top padding
  • Has wide straps

High Sierra Elite is the stylish and best law school backpack that comes in three beautiful colors, blue, black, and red. These contrasting colors are very appealing and complemented by piping around.

It comes with a padded compartment that can hold your 17-inches laptop comfortably and feature a separate section, especially for your tablet. The cushioning of this bag distributes the weight evenly and reduces the possible strain on your shoulder and bag.

The High Sierra backpack features a variety of interior pockets and compartments. You will have mesh pockets, pen pockets, key fob, and lidded media pockets, making this backpack perfect for many activities and letting you carry more essentials with ease.

This law school backpack comes with a fitted sleeve on the back so that you can slide onto a wheeled bag; this amazing feature increases its overall versatility and makes it stand out in the market due to its multi-use functional properties.

It is made of high-quality materials, and the durable design of this backpack makes it very worthy to endure day to day activities.

3- Polare Original Men Leather Best Briefcase for Law School Every Day

71kTkevkUjL. AC SL1216
  • Soft Calfskin leather
  • Can use as shoulder, messenger, business briefcase, or handbag
  • Suitable for carrying 15.6” laptop
  • Sturdy straps and outstanding design
  • Durable
  • Not very big, only good for 15.7″ stuff
  • Canvas with minimal leather trim

Are you looking for something more appealing and professional?

If you prefer to commute freely rather than carrying tons of books, or heading to law school with style, then Polare Men’s Calfskin is a perfect choice for you. It is the best leather laptop briefcase for those who spend some money in the pursuit of excellence.

The soft Calfskin Leather compliments the black and brown colors of the bag. It is a beautiful bag. It also includes a detachable strap and an adjustable shoulder strap which will work perfectly for law school and business meetings.

The shoulder strap works perfectly for people with thin shoulders or people who are not strong lumbar. It is adjustable to fit a wide range of shoulders.

One of the best things about the bag is the adjustability and how the bag can be used for different purposes.

This bag stands out in the market because of its professional design, plenty of compartments, and pockets. This bag features three main compartments, one fits your large laptop nicely, the second section for holding your business, bank, or travel cards, and ample room for your files and the third has a compartment for pens, calculator, other office essentials, etc.

Furthermore, the exterior pockets will let you carry all the essentials that you want to use more and keep in the fast reach. You can wear it as a messenger, business briefcase, handbag, and shoulder bag.

The front of this Polare bag features a pull-out pocket that lets you stretch out and keep the essential inside for easy access and this pocket can close with a button flap.

The back of this bag has two zippered compartments, which are very handy because with other similar bags when you are traveling, the bag sometimes due to collision turns upside down and all your essentials fly out. But thankfully, nothing happened with this bag, because it has zippered pockets that keep all your items safe and sound.

4- Timbuk2 Command Best Messenger Bag for Law School Stylish and Practical

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  • Great sturdy design
  • Made of high-quality material and feels durable
  • Elegant colors
  • Laptop sleeve, good padding, and plenty of storage
  • Extra waterproof tpu liner
  • Shoulder straps could come in better design

Timbuk2 is always on top when it comes to offering the best messenger bags; they have been producing some quality stuff for 25 years.

Timbuk2 command laptop messenger bag is perfect for commuting on public transportation, such as subways, high streets, where you want to keep all your essentials close enough with you rather than keeping them on the floor.

It is made of high-quality materials such as 100% polyethylene, durable nylon fabric so that it offers smooth feels and long-lasting performance.

There are three sizes available in the market; you can choose anyone, depending on how much you want to carry. Each size is perfect and will fit a bit more if you have a small laptop goes for a small one, but if you commute with big laptops, then goes for a large size.

One of the best things about this bag that you will love is its material quality. It comes with a waterproof TPU liner on the top flap to stop water from penetrating the compartments.

When the top flap closes, both edges come up a bit higher and fold; as a result, it provides extra protection from getting wet in the rain.

On the interior, it has a standard and large enough main compartment for your essentials, a zippered pocket, a separate laptop pocket, and a pocket for a water bottle, also, there are two external pockets, as well.

The small version of the Timbuk2 messenger bag can fit up to a 13-inch laptop, the medium size fits up to 15-inch, and the large one can carry up to 17-inch laptops.

This bag has a padded, adjustable, and reversible strap so that you can adjust your body size; also, if you are left-handed, you can swap the strap setting up the side-clips.

5- Vera Bradley Signature Cotton Campus Best Backpack for Law School Female Students

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  • Machine washable
  • Durable, bright color and vibrant pattern
  • Durable, bright color and vibrant pattern
  • Doesn’t has anti-theft features
  • Not waterproof

If you are looking for something that looks very rich and vibrant but also available at a reasonable price, then this Vera Bradley law school bag is perfect for you.

Females seem to be more biased toward vibrancy, and that’s why Vera Bradley stands out on top when it comes to bright-colored things. This brightly colored Vera Bradley bag has a versatile design and best law school bags for women.

Vera Bradley offers plenty of storage, features two front zip pockets, two side pockets, three slip pockets, a large front zip pocket, and four pen pockets.

Furthermore, the main compartment has two mesh slip pockets for holding cell phones, small notebooks, binders, etc. It also has a separate zippered section, which is perfect for keeping your laptop or tablet.

Younger girls and women love to carry this bag; the Crossbody shoulder strap is very comfortable, adjustable, and padded in quilted material.

The best thing about this bag is its enormous storage and plenty of interior and exterior pockets, making it very handy to carry lots of things.

This bag will surprise you by just how much stuff you can fit into this Vera Bradley school bag. The icing on the cake with this bag is its machine washable, durable, and very comfortable too.

6- Solo New York Bryant Best Rolling Bag for Law School Amazon Best Seller

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  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Can carry a large laptop
  • Comfy to roll around
  • Sturdy handle and wheels
  • Plenty of storage
  • Five-year warranty
  • Some people may don’t’ like the zipper because of it open like an accordion

If you are looking for a travel-friendly, durable, and best law school bag, then Solo New York Bryant is the best choice for you. It is a very durable, affordable, and sturdy design rolling bag for law school.

This bag can accommodate a laptop up to 17-inches and very ideal for commuting your law items, notebooks, binders, and other school essentials.

It is available in two colors, black/grey and plain black; both are very appealing and fit your style. Unlike other backpacks, the main zippered sections don’t open at all the way, instead of open in accordion style.

Solo New York Bryant has plenty of storage and is large enough to carry all your stuff, including law books, laptops, binders, and other daily use essentials. You can easily hold your laptop in the storage areas and can apply extra security with a Velcro strap.

The front zipper also allows you to carry your smaller items such as cell phone, tablet, charger, etc., and it opens like an accordion. Furthermore, it has one more front-pocket as it is ideal for holding last-minute items that you want to access quickly.

The two wheels and telescoping handle has excellent durability, and this Bryant rolling case looks like a mobile office that carries all your essentials with ease.

Most people love to roll the bag rather than carrying on their backpack or sling on their shoulders, well this is the best choice that lets you move loads of stuff with comfort.

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Bonus List of Best Backpack for Law School

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  • Sosoon 17-Inch Travel Backpack for Laptop and Notebook with USB Charging Port (Check on Amazon)
  • Ronyes Unisex College Bag Bookbag Fits up to 15.6’’ Laptop Casual (Check on Amazon)
  • Himawari Travel Backpack Spacious School Backpack Waterproof Doctor Bag (Check on Amazon)
  • YOREPEK Extra Large Travel Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port (Check on Amazon)
  • KROSER Laptop Backpack 15.6 Inch Stylish School Computer Backpack Water Repellent (Check on Amazon)
  • BRINCH Laptop Backpack 15.6 Inch Wide Open Computer Backpack (Check on Amazon)
  • VSNOON 15.6 Inch Stylish College School Backpack for Women + Girls (Check on Amazon)
  • Hap Tim Laptop Backpack, Travel Backpack for Women, Work Backpack (Check on Amazon)

How to Choose the Best Law School Bag? Buyer Guide

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing the right law backpack. However, we have some universal factors that must be looked into before choosing the perfect law school backpack.

Never Compromise on quality: It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling on a holiday trip and want to carry the most durable bag or going to law school with loads of notebooks and files, files; you need something made of high-quality materials and also provides maximum comfort.

You don’t want to spend your investment on something with low-quality materials and begin to fray or zipper and shoulder straps break. So, never compromise on quality because a law school bag is something where you’ll keep your important stuff.

You must go for a water-resistant bag that comes with a laptop compartment and let you carry your laptop. All the bags on our list are made of high-quality material and have plenty of storage to carry your essentials, please read all of them and choose the best one.

Go for the light one: You will don’t like carrying a bag that puts a lot of strain on your shoulder, as you will be filling it with lots of essentials.

Make sure you choose a bag that doesn’t have much weight and feels very light, something which is lightweight and you can carry easily. Every person has different travel needs, so choose a bag with a proper size that fits your needs.

Comfort: This is the most important factor that you shouldn’t compromise, no matter how expensive or good looking your backpack is. You don’t want o to ruin your trip with a sore shoulder.

You must choose the bag that comes with well-padded straps so that they don’t put much strain on your shoulder. Padded straps are perfect, but if you cannot find them in the market, then make sure it is adjustable and can adjust well.

Also, make sure your bag has plenty of pockets and, most importantly, the side pockets for carrying a water bottle. All the bags we have reviewed on our list are very comfortable and come with well-padded straps, take some time to read all of them, and choose the best one that fits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What kind of backpack do I need for law school?

Well, this all depends on your needs and the purpose of the bag. If you are carrying to your law school, it might be different from going on a holiday trip. But there are some main types that most of the law students prefer to carry their gear, which are;
• Messenger bags
• Backpacks
• Rolling bags
• Briefcase
• Tote bags

What should I buy for law school?

For law school, backpacks are the most overwhelming, and people love to carry these bags. When it comes to choosing the best law school bag, you must go for maximum comfort and durability.

You need to buy something large enough to carry your stuff with ease. Furthermore, security is also the most important factor, make sure you are buying the law school bag with zippered pockets, so that the items don’t pop up or fall while you commute in busy places.

Do law students use backpacks?

Yes, they did; using a backpack is more versatile and very appealing; it fits your style, and most important, it carries all your stuff nicely. Law students most often commute with lots of books, files, and other relevant items; they need something that has ample storage and, at the same time, easy to carry, so backpacks are the best choice for law students.

Do you need a laptop for law school?

Yes, the laptop is one of the most important essentials that law students carry. If you are studying law and have a laptop, you must make sure the backpack you chose is large enough to carry your laptop so, always buy according to the laptop’s size.

What are the best leather bags for law school?

Although all the backpacks on our list are very durable and made of high-quality materials, Polare Men’s Calfskin is the best one that comes with soft Calfskin Leather.

Final Words

If you’re studying law, it might require loads of learning, and practicing and you might carry enormous books, research, so you need the best law backpacks that let you carry all your stuff with ease.

You must choose a law bag because it fits everything you need for your busy day in a much better way, without being bulkier, which becomes very difficult to carry. We have reviewed some of the best law bags on our list, take your time to read all of them, and choose the best one that fits your needs.

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